I'm Stressed from work

Its my first month and I started feeling stress especially from my supervisor who has zero tolerance for repeated mistakes.

How do you guys who work or have worked deal with work stress and difficult people ?


I had to go out in the parking lot and take a benzo on more than one occasion. One time I left them at home and had to leave work to drive home to get one.

When I worked at Walmart. Kept a bottle in my car. When I worked for the IRS I carried a back pack with me every day and kept them in there.

My supervisor at Walmart was an idiot. Very difficult person. I kept getting coached and when they switched me from days to nights in one day I just quit.


Congrats on the new job. Mad respect for you being dx’d and working.

I’m not able to handle it at this point in my life. I hope others here can give you good advice.

At the moment I talk to people close to me for advice. I am hoping that eventually, I will be confident in my own decision making that I won’t need to do this. Find talking things through can deescalate the situation by quite a bit

Also, PRN is a big part of coping for me at the moment. It’s Diazepam for now, but just started Volitoxetine (Can’t spell it), and that should prevent low mood and anxiety

Don’t underestimate the role that a paranoia and/or anxiety can really play on our minds - it’s very challenging

But, it can be overcome

I am in my 3rd month now, and still going! Wish you luck!

My role involves dealing with technical people, and some of them can be very difficult to gauge and talk to. I am discussing these people with my manager, and flipping it on its head.

Will be giving her examples of what people have said to me, and asking

  • is this how it works in these here parts

  • Is there any way I can adapt to make the work relations work better?

Sorry I am rambling, but hope some of that was useful!


@Joker , Are they civil engineers.

Data engineering


My boss is kind of a jerk but I work by myself 90% of the day so I don’t have to deal with him a lot.

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