How's everybody holding with with corona?

i am feeling pretty good.

how are you guys doing?

keep happy. that’s the key (at least i hope so).

hope. don’t forget to.

hugs and all my love, judy


I’m doing good. I’m staying inside and hoping to stay healthy.

I’m just watching lots of movies and drinking tea … Going to pickup lunch with my mother eating at a park…
I dunno – I’m holding up nicely
I jacked up my foot somehow I need groceries soon but I can hardly walk – also need a haircut and a few other things…

Nothing new for me :broccoli::broccoli::broccoli:

As long as I avoid television, it’s like the virus isn’t even happening. I stay in normally so no big difference.

If I watch too much TV I get really stressed out due to all the commercials constantly reminding me about the virus.


glad to read that you’re doing good. i am o.k.

hugs to you, judy :sweat_smile: :grin: :crazy_face: :laughing: :relaxed:

Same, I stayed in before the virus, I stay in slightly more during the virus

We just got lockdown eased, so the only real difference for me is that I cant see my friends and family. I do not really go to pubs and restaurants anymore, so there is not much difference.

I’m damned tired of the corona.

In my country, denmark, everyone are together fighting the pandemic, it’s good that people are joining the “big community” together, singing, and making statements.

I know all that, but it makes me feel more alone than ever.

I’m ok with being home all the time, but I’m scared of contracting the virus, and I don’t like that the men Who follow and record me have even more time to monitor me now. It’s very stressful.

Hey Judy
I’m glad your doing well.
I’m hanging in there.

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I just deactivated my facebook, and I don’t watch the news or go to media websites. This clears my head of any coronavirus paranoia, so I’m holding up pretty well. I’m still worried one of my parents, who are still working, are gonna get it. But I try not to fret too much.

I’m just doing OK. I want it to be over in June.

I have to lose weight. I must I must. But broke my sensible eating again today. I want to be slimmer when I go out on my bus rides.

So tomorrow is my new start lol.

I’m spending time watching desperate housewives with my siblings and sometimes I text someone.



I’m mostly enjoying myself despite the virus mess. I miss restaurants and libraries, but not so much that I’m going crazy. The lockdown could continue for five years and I’d be okay.

I have been medically cleared as not having the COVID-19 virus once this year already, in the past month to be exact.

I miss my job. And it feels a bit booring to just be Home. Thats how i feel.

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