Howdy y’all (pics of kitties included)

How have all of you been doing?
Haven’t been on in a minute, been doing okay. Living back out at my parents with my step son while my husband is at basic training. Feeling weird today. Started taking 15mg lexapro and still on 15mg abilify. Haven’t been up to much. Here’s some photos of kitties for your enjoyment!!


I keep coming back to this thread because these kitties are just too cute! Thank you for sharing these pictures.

And I hope you feel better.

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Lol glad you are enjoying the photos!

And thank you

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Hey you!

I hope your meds are working well for you. :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing pretty good. I found a super nice Members Only jacket at the thrift shop today.

It’s a sixty dollar jacket, and I got mine for five bucks lol!

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Hey hey hey!
Yeah my meds are working pretty decently…

Sweeeet, I’m jealous!
I wanna go thrift shopping but I have so many clothes already lol @Montezuma

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Well that’s good your meds are working well. :slight_smile:

Oh I hear ya on the clothes, my closet is stuffed. I just go through periods where I like dressing different ways. So I enjoy having a diverse wardrobe. :star2:

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