How young were you when you started seeing things that weren't there?

I was 2 or 3 when I started seeing ghosts, shadows, and witnessed my dolls dancing. I believed it all to be real at that time.

i was thinking about this the other day…i think 7 is my first memory…
i saw ghost/hell horses :horse: …they would gallop down the hall way upstairs in the house…and if they caught you, they swallowed you up…AARRhhhhhhhhh !?! … :scream:
take care :alien:

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I’ve never had a full hallucination, where I see something straight on that’s totally not there. But I started seeing people moving out of the corner of my eyes when I was pretty young, before I was 10.

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Late teens to early twenties, but it’s anyone’s guess how much was due to drug use and how much was due to the onset of SZ. Prolly a combo.


I was about 12 or 13 when I used to think I could see & hear the pictures on my wall talking to me…(and this was long before J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter movies where the pictures talk to people. I want to say early 90’s, when I first remember it starting. Wasn’t until mid-late 90’s when I started getting treatment…as my symptoms started progressing and becoming more noticeable.

Also like my latest relapse the worst stuff started happening when I was under more stress because I was entering high-school and a social out-cast kind of dorky and not really good any particular thing. So I guess the delusions in my head were better at that time than life around me.

I used to think beyond the pictures of celebrities talking to me that I could channel Ghosts and thought I was speaking with John Lennon & Jim Morrison…then thought I could communicate with celebrities and that by writing (free-hand writing guess they call it now where you just stick a pencil on a paper and write whatever…uncensored/unedited. I used to think that was people too. Not to mention the fictional characters I thought I was which switched back and forth…I guess like I said I was trying to make my life better by making myself seem more important…but I lost track of what was real and what wasn’t.

I was 22. The ground was breathing. I’m 31 now. I still have so many visuals, but increasing my Latuda is helping a lot.

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When I was around 16 I thought a group of people were chasing me. I still don’t know if this was real.

I was just thinking about this the other day. My big psychotic break happened in my 40s, but I remember other incidents as a child. The first one was seeing the shadow image of a horse on the wall when I was 5. Then when I was around 5th grade I saw writing on a wall. The room was dark and the letters were in light. Around that same age, another night I watched round balls of light travel across the ceiling, but they were not coming from the window, like headlights, they were coming from darkness, no light source. I looked up orbs of light and Google results talked about how these sometimes show up in digital photography, or are attributed to angels. I mainly hear things, but had visual distortions of my face and another person’s face.

Around 7 is when I started seeing people… and things from other times…

9 I got into a fist fight with and imaginary friend… who wasn’t real…

I also started seeing faces coming out of walls… and ghosts…

God started talking to me when I was 10… I went down hill after that.

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I believe I was 7. I saw skeletons in the corner of my room at night. It would prevent me from getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night cuz I was too scared.

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Around six or seven I always remembered seeing basketball players in our backyard that no one else did. I also remembered seeing little dots (I called them stars) flying around me wherever I went, saw a ghost that said it was my twin sister in the attic, spent most of recess running back and forth flapping my hands lost in a world where I actually had friends (and later had hallucinations about), saw a boy around my age that only seemed to come back when I was at parties or family reunions, and heard people screaming at me in my room that my sister never heard. As of now my auditory hallucinations are a lot nicer and my visual hallucinations a lot more boring.

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