I was having hallucinations as a child

When I was up to age 7 or 8 I was very moving and already had sexual desires (don’t want to talk about it) and I used to see hallucinations at night that were shadow people like I saw people walking in the room or the most memorable was a hand throwing bats into the room behind a tv. Is it possible I had psychosis at this early age or just showed the onset of early sz?

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It was more frequent at night right? I don’t know the answer but i think problaby, i said PROBABLY, it was not sz. “Sleep terrors” maybe. I don’t know. But if it’s important to you, talk to your pdoc about that. Wish you the best.

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As far as I know it is easier to see shadow people at evenings or nights. It was mainly at night. Throughout the day I used to play video games and then when I turned to sleep I used to see shadow people. My pupils also were massive when I was a child

I’ve started to have hallucinations when I was just 14. It also started with shadowy figures, and I heard voices at night.
I was diagnosed with adolescent-onset schizophrenia when I was just 17.

I thought I heard ghosts at 15. Then again at 16 and 17. And then I remember REALLY hearing them at 18. And my mom told me she thought it was the ghost of her mom playing harmonica because I heard women laughing and playing harmonica downstairs. And then ■■■■ got really weird after that.

When I was 7 I thought I saw Santa Claus putting presents in my stocking in middle of the night I don’t know it might been a dream

When I was 3 I woke up at night and looked out the window and the clouds looked like angels faces

When I was a toddler I used to see a big eye under my bed. Was paranoid then too.

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Mine started at 8 as well. I remember having crying spells and nightmares. I dealt with it through running miles and miles up and down our road. I also immerged myself in my studies. I never had any friends, so I had nothing to do anything fun with. It’s ok tho, I just read books and kept to myself.

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