My first hallucinations

I was not medicated not diagnosed and i was delusional, i was talking with a friend about Hitler and i hallucinated Hitler with his generals walking, looking at me and hailed at me and the hallucination disappears oh yah they were walking in the woods, 5 minutes apart i hallucinated him again without generals it seems like someone turned on a movie on projector… Many months latter i hallucinated blue man looking mean at me and he was standing on the sidewalks with cars parked in the back ground but i was at home and i was not looking outside actually i was looking at the wall…after that i was seen by a doctor and put on medication. I never hallucinated until now. Now i am wondering if those hallucinations are rare, i mean hallucinating like i have described with all the back ground…


my first hallucination was of the devil, in the form of a huge ape way back in 2001, when i think of it still seems real, frighten the hell out of me, i think i got PTSD from it

My first visual hallucinations happened when I was so young. My “imaginary” friends were very real to me and we would fight sometimes and they would try to talk me into doing bad things. I remember one of my “imaginary” friends was a real jerk. Once I ended up on meds, and I turned 11 I didn’t see or hear him anymore. Then I saw other things. My hallucinations didn’t get scary until I was 14. Then I was sure everyone was always in danger.

my first hallucination happened when I was about five, and there was a shadow following me. I asked him what he was doing following me, and he told me these words: “I’m going to shadow school.” I remember wanting to go with him, but he told me only shadows could go to shadow school. Come to think of it, I’m wondering whether I have always had psychotic depression…

I was also five when I had the first hallucination, I heard a voice and I was talking to it, then later at 10 I started seeing crawling creatures on the walls of my room and it went ugly afterwards.

I’ve had experiences that I think were visual hallucinations. I’ve seen people who looked like people i had on my mind just standing or sitting somewhere before, but they could have just been stranger who happened to look like them. Odds are they were hallucinations.

At around twelve or thirteen I stared to think everybody in the world but me could read minds. I thought they were making fun of me through telepathy for not having this power. That was a strange and confusing time in my life.

I’m not afraid of hallucinations. The closest I came to a hallucination like that was when I thought I saw a gray kitten and then I got close and there wasn’t one there, but I couldn’t tell. I kept blinking thinking there was a kitten. Oddly there was a gray kitten in town that got hit by a car earlier that month.

My very first hallucination was REALLY embarassing, but here it goes. I was jerking off when I heard a female voices scream “GET AWAY FROM ME”. I then started to hear whispering voices off and on, and people in coffee shops and restaurants would talk about me. One time a knome ceramic was making faces at me, winking and giving me evil eyes. I remember a couple of my first hallucinations really vividly, I was freaked out by them. I remember immediately becoming delusional as to where the voices were coming from and who they were.

I began to think that i was on tv and internet, like that movie The Truman Show.

Now i sometimes hear some people in public talk about me, but I am used to it and it doesnt stop me from going out and having fun. I went on a few dates with a girl, it seemed to go well, i kissed her goodnight each time and all that, but she quit responding to my texts so I contacted an old classmate of mine and we saw the nutcracker ballet yesterday. Were going to the zoo tomorrow.

I am considered to be in remission now- my symptoms have been reduced to being negligible due to my medications. It’s got its own problems, like having little motivation and feeling emotionally numb, but I function at a much higher level and I am at peace instead of being enraged at the voices making fun of me every minute of every day.

I don’t really remember my very first audio hallucination, but I remember one of the worst…
My kid sis was 4 and I was 15. She was playing “tea party” in her room with her dolls and toys and stuff. The dolls were talking so much crap. I was horrified at the level of profanity coming from these dolls. They were all talking about how my sis would get what’s coming to her when she went to sleep. They were plotting. With her sitting right there and serving tea, they were plotting. I couldn’t take it. I snatched away all the toys threw them in a bag and I tried to burn them. She was so confused and a bit scared I’m sure.

But a different brother stopped me. I sat in an all the rest of the tea parties to make sure the toys kept a civil tongue in their head. I used to make her sleep with ear muffs on so she couldn’t hear the toys cussing all night. I didn’t want her picking up that sort of language. Then I got worse and then I got put on meds, and I don’t think toys plot against kids anymore.

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Blood coming out of my porcelain doll eyes. I got it from a thrift shop at age 15 and felt very uneasy around it.

I really hate dolls. They creep me out still. I did end up burning three of my sisters old dolls last month. I really don’t like dolls. Yuck… :frowning:

First visual was when I was very young, probably 5 years old or younger. I was in bed and looked toward the doorway to my room. I saw a monster’s finger stick out from behind the door jamb and press on the little curved latch plate thing. It freaked me out and it was so damn clear I can remember it in so much detail. It was long and skinny, probably closer to alien than monster though. It probably took me a half hour to get the courage to investigate and find nothing.

I think I might have been three or four when i saw my first hallucination. It was a girl, about my age, sitting in the corner of my bedroom. It was night so I shouldn’t have been able to see her but I did because she was kind of glowing a little. She had on a greenish white dress, blonde hair and she was manacled to the walls by her hands and feet. She kept screaming, no words, just one continuous scream and I remember screaming too and my dad came into my room and tried to tell me it was just a dream but the whole time she was still there, screaming behind his back. Luckily they became less scary after that and the girl turned out to be pretty nice after a little bit.

I couldn’t tell you what my first hallucination was…theres been to many. But I could tell you when my hallucinations became reality.
Doesn’t matter though, no one wants to think it possible.

I keep hallucinating about lava pouring down my walls and it lapping at my feet, it scares me so much I was rolling around on the floor trying to get it off of me, I was crying and in hysterics. My parents were in the other room and my music was loud they couldn’t hear me and I couldn’t hear them. I kept trying to rip my pants and clothes off so I wouldn’t burn but I was so uncoordinated and such a mess I just couldn’t. I sat there and just let all the images consume my brain. I’m terrified, do they get much worse than this???

My first hallucinations were hearing a group of americans talk about why I was followed by fbi and secret service agents in america.

My first hallucination was tactile sex or rape it used to come and go then one night I got so terrified my heart felt like it exploded, I went ice cold and I haven’t felt anything since. That was over 10 years ago. Not a stitch since. Not indicative of a brain disease I don’t think. More like I was more afraid off the effect than I was of the programming so I just switched it off. My first auditory one was all about perpetual motion that I had supposedly invented…yawn. at the time it floored me and I was a wreck but over the years I e learned to not pay much heed to what the voices tell me anymore. It’sall Bollox so far as I can c.

I would see colors like a rainbow reflected by a hose. I would see a bunch of flowers and energy around objects. I saw a hallucination of my friend praying at my beside scared me senseless. I still see colors daily like a never ending acid trip. The first voices where about the Christian religion and it has sounded like the devil ever since. 6 months of auditory hallucinations it felt like I was completely possessed with no control of my body . I still question whether I’m possessed or not

My first hallucinations were voices saying my name, my first visual hallucination was a demon head coming out of a door.