First major hallucination?

Mine was when I was six years old. I woke up in the kitchen around 3:00 a.m. and when I walked to my room I seen a “grey” alien leaving the backyard through my window.


Mine was at 4 years old. I had just thrown a tantrum, my mom had spanked me and put me in a bedroom to be quiet for awhile… I saw creatures up in the corner ceiling of the room. I thought of them as bats because they were hanging from the ceiling, but they were really big. And a huge spider kept repeatedly crawling from that top corner across the wall downward… I remember thinking they were there for me, so I wasn’t scared. I saw benign things like that from then on, but when puberty hit, things got intense with demons and then it was upsetting to me…


If you mean visual, I was around 3 years old and saw the characters in the paintings on my walls acting out their scenes and heard them talking to each other. Like in Harry Potter only I didn’t know about Harry Potter at the time, not sure it was even out yet.


@Hedgehog I’m not religious by any means but I also see demonic entities. One of my recent hallucinations was seeing a corpse walking towards me and hearing “Rudy Vallee- Would You Like To Take A Walk” in the backround, I could even smell rotting flesh.

@Anna I notice slight movements when I look at portraits or posters. I’m sure in some way that had to of been quite enjoyable as a kid. :blush:

very interesting question. i had it when i was 10 years old when i thought that using a thick card board as a bat for cricket was a great discovery and i will have a pleasant fun playing with it when there was no bat to play. but infact i was tearing it up from a story book that was given to my brother by his friend for reading.

I thought it was very cool. I liked watching them. But then I remember getting frustrated because their talking was too loud so I couldn’t sleep :sweat_smile:

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Lol, that’s awful, @DancesWithWolves. What the mind can/will conjure. I have a shadowman in my hallway. My husband believes in ghosts so since this house used to be a drug house we think he’s just a lost addict soul hanging around. He’s not scary.
I’m surprised you see demons even though you’re not religious. I believe they’re real, but you don’t do I’m surprised…

When I was a kid I used to see pictures moving, all the time, or making faces at me. Sometimes I felt like they were watching me. To this day, I don’t put pictures up for that reason. This could just have been an overly active imagination, though.
My first real visual hallucination was the puppets from a show we used to watch, coming into my room at night.

When I was 17 or 18 I heard the Beatles playing in my head. It was like I was picking up a radio station with my brain. When I told my parents about it they didnt anything of it. I had no other hallucinations for several years

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@frencheese A Hard Day’s Night was my first CD purchase! I love the full length film they came out with too. “Who’s that little ole man?” Lol

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I definitely believe there’s more than “this” and more to us. Why would our minds wonder about, create, visualize, etc things that don’t exist? Biologically that makes no sense. And cultures from all times and all parts of the planet visualize and have such similar mythologies. I’m not very articulate, but I believe in our spiritual existence and that we’re not alone in that existence…

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When I was a toddler I used to think that a big eye lived under my bed. When I would look under the bed I would see the big eye.

I guess I was always paranoid. But I didn’t develop sz fully until I was 38.

Vivid hallucinations mostly of other people and even scenery off of meds now. No more big eyes.

@TomCat I’m sure you weren’t a fan of the Clear Eyes commercials…

Not too much no.

My first major hallucination was when I was a teenager, i used to wake up in the middle of the night and see my ceiling crashing down on me. I used to wake my parents up screaming bloody murder at night. At times I used to hide under my blankets and every time i looked out from them, i would see the ceiling crashing in on me. This happened over a period of years throughout my teens.

Mine was as a child, less than 10 years old, I forget exactly what year. I saw a demon or what I perceived to be as the devil while I was lying in bed in the middle of the night. It was in all red, like a hologram and it was holding a mace. It was actually one of the only times I’ve hallucinated in my life other than closed eye visuals.

I have had all kinds of hallucinations in the past, once I drove a car in New Mexico and thought that people communicated to me via satellites, I even draw pictures of this system in my notebooks, now later reading these notebooks, I can understand that these were nonsense.

My first hallucination was gustatory (taste). I was married at the time and with a little son and going to nursing school. I remember sitting with my husband and son at the kitchen table eating burritos from Taco Johns. I remember biting into the burrito and tasting a terrible, poison like taste that I had never tasted before. The burrito tasted like chemicals. I ran to the kitchen sink and spit it out into the sink. My husband, who had an identical burrito, said it tasted good to him. I remember getting on the phone immediately and calling my mother and reporting the incident to her. She didn’t know what to say. Next thing I knew, I was having tactile (skin) hallucinations too. Next came olfactory (smell) hallucinations.