How well do you trust yourself?

Do you have ANY confidence in making decisions? Do you feel you know yourself pretty well? Do you ever stick to your guns in an argument when you know you’re right? Do you know what you know? Do you know certain things for sure about yourself?

I don’t always make the best decisions, and I know myself well enough to know there’s a lot more to learn. I am stubborn, and will walk away from an argument if communication is not being practiced. I know when I drink and take my meds…Chaos awaits me. I know that I don’t know, and you never know. If I knew I would know, but I’ll leave that to God.

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I usually stick to my guns when I think I’m right. That kind of reminds me of an AA aphorism - “Being right all the time nearly killed me.” In some ways I don’t trust myself at all, because I know I am going to mess things up. Philosophicaly, I subscribe to the ancient Greek skeptic philosophy - “Nothing is certain, not even that.” I’m almost certain nothing is certain.

I really do trust myself. I am usually having political arguments with my mom 'tis the season. I hail from the liberal side of my family, so I have to defend myself vehemently, but politely. It is fun how I’ve got this thing going on Facebook with some distant cousin who I’ve never met. I’ll post good stuff about the president or something and he’ll comment. I like to present him with sweet retorts and someone from my side usually likes them. It makes me feel great. Hahaha!

I grew up with a brother 5 years older than me and thrice as big, so I’m used to standing up for myself.

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I trust my own judgement if I’m right, I usually won’t argue, because the truth doesn’t need to be proven, but, I can hold my own if needed, and will not back down. Though being right isn’t always being smart, so I trust my intuition when it’s time to shut up.

I trust my decisions more then I used to.

Exact same here… I’m quick to leave. I have no use or time for arguing.

I’m not sure about the “know what I know” because my memory is so faulty and my perceptions of life was so out there for a while…

I think the only thing I know about myself for certain is… I have a lot to learn.
As long as I embrace a more positive attitude and I keep myself open to love… things will be OK.

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yes to all those…
take care

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I made the decision to move 1800 miles to get my wife into a better job market. I really don’t want to leave Phoenix, but this is the way it has to be. We load the U-Haul Tuesday morning.


Good luck with the move and hope all goes well. May the journey be safe and smooth.

See ya soon.

No, I don’t trust myself very much. I am forgetful and afraid of accidents because I used to be accident prone. Also, I am surprised at how much I don’t notice.

No I don’t trust myself. I have some kind of pathological loss of self-confidence. It’s really annoying but hard to get rid of.

I really don’t trust my judgement that good. I am always asking friends or girlfriend when I am about to make a decision. ANY decision.

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That’s great Good luck with the move…

no,i do not trust myself at all

No I don’t trust myself in making decisions but I do it because I don’t have a choice, lol

I trust my decisions except when I’m off my meds or I’ve been without sleep for a long time. Then I make questionable decisions that I usually regret. That is what I really fear about this illness, the lack of control. I always feel like I’m in control but when I get better and look back, I see that I wasn’t, and it scares me.