Do you trust your judgement anymore?

I’m not sure I trust my judgement anymore.

Looking back, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s more than a few bad decisions.

I think there’s something more fundamentally wrong.

But it’s like the song says “everything that kills me, makes me feel alive”


power by my mind hurts me sometime, and so do others, so too this i say make your judgements your self or get step on. brother the eyes are on the moon.

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I ask my girlfriend for a second opinion if I’m not sure about my own judgement


I’m alone all the time, so I have to, even though I get some bad ideas

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I trust my judgment, except when I’m pissed off. Then I make bad decisions, shoot my mouth off, and then feel bad and apologize later. I’m getting a lot better with that though


Meds help my judgement.


I don’t have any choice but to trust my own judgement, but I’ve made some pretty bad decisions that I have regretted.


No i dont have anything at all.

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