Poll: How much do you trust your caregiver(s)/family/partner's opinions?

Edit: For clarification I’m looking for answers with respect to a difference in opinion regarding symptoms and treatment.

  • Completely (I always trust them even when my own senses/beliefs tell me otherwise)
  • Most of the time (I try to trust them but sometimes I trust my own senses/beliefs more)
  • Sometimes (I usually trust my own senses/beliefs but sometimes what they think seems to make sense too)
  • Rarely (I trust my own senses/beliefs most of the time except for the odd time that they make sense too)
  • Never (I completely trust my own senses/beliefs)

That is a hard question. Depends on level of paranoia.


I don’t think this applies to me. I don’t come into situations where my senses are at odds with my family’s opinions. While I don’t agree with all of my family’s opinions, it’s not because I’m paranoid or don’t trust them. We just have differing opinions on subjects.


I trusted my wife’s opinions most of the time. With my parents, when first ill, it was less so.

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So torn between the top two choices…

Sometimes I trust my parents, my brother Jack and my sis more then I trust myself… especially in social situations… since they are all in a class room, in a community center, around 100’s of people all day. So they can talk me down out of my paranoia of being followed, watched… stuff like that.

I do trust them on meds and therapy ideas… It was their idea to got my meds switched. Plus with the J-preservation meetings… treatment is a group decision. I get the final vote, but my parents will ask if I’m interested in some new treatment… some new idea… some new study… but stuff like that is only brought up in the thinking room. So it’s not thrown at me when I’m not doing well… it’s an open discussion.

I think because the people I’m close too have never thrown my illness in my face or asked me about my meds if we’re having a disagreement… then I know when they are concerned… I might need to take a breath and decompress.

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I couldn’t decide on any of the options.

I don’t even think of myself as having caregivers. I have family yeah and yes I trust them far more than I trust most others. I know when I was sick that I at times felt I could not trust them. There were the suspicions that they were monitoring my activity on the internet and the delusions of having been betrayed by them in various ways. It was very difficult. I wanted to trust them as they were my family but at the same time I felt I could not trust them.

My biggest fear at this time in my life was that they would in trying to get me help rob me of my freedom to live as any other adult if they had been able to put me “in the system”. It made trusting them very difficult that at times I was being lied to and had been in the past however well meaning these lies may have been.

Luckily I began to recover willingly without the help of the state and that it wasn’t in the end as necessary as it may have seemed to my parents at times to force me into treatment.

Today I trust my parents and other family members more so than I trust most others and with the understanding of what they were going through at the time I can only but sympathize with the desperation they were feeling back when I was at my sickest.


How can I cancel a vote?

I’ve had this same thought before…

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It doesn’t look like you can cancel. I don’t know if choosing another selection instead would cancel your first one if the software recognized the choose as being from the same user…

You can re-select and it should cancel your first selection.

Try it out on the test poll I posted and click show results.

There is one issue I differ from him strongly, though.