How to treat cognitive dysfunction?

I have difficulty in concentrating and understanding books, movies, etc.

I’m getting better compared to myself 5 years ago, but still it’s not enough to enjoy these things.

I’m reading this Japanese manga atm, it’s 7 volumes and I’m still reading volume 3. I read the same part over and over again and I still don’t understand the story.

Is it a possibility that I’m trying to read something that’s beyond my abilities?

It’s easier to understand essays but difficult to understand fiction. And I’m trying to read fiction.

I dog-ear the pages I don’t understand, and try to look for answers in other pages. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.

I wish I could read more easily and with much less effort. I feel as if my inner world is shrinking as I can’t touch all these rich/wonderful worlds book/movies show us.


I get where you’re coming from. I really have trouble following movies. I always have. Sometime I don’t pick up essential clues or I get characters mixed up. I just continue watching and hope someone unintentionally tells me what’s going on. Otherwise they get mad when I keep asking questions. Books are easier for me to understand because they are so detailed. But sometimes recently I’ve had trouble reading. I feel like my brain just hits a wall. I read the words in front of me but once they go to my brain for interpretation the order gets all mixed up and I have to read it a few times. If I still don’t understand I just give up. Anyone know if thats an effect of sz or something else? It makes me feel quite dumb.

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Same here.
I think this tendency to not be able to concentrate or understand spreads all aspects of my life now. But it’s subtle and people don’t understand how uncomfortable and anxious this makes me feel.

I remember when I didn’t know I had sz, I got lost in a train station and had no clue as to how I could get back home so I just stood there completely blank. I’m better now but I still remember the anxious feeling I had at the time. It’s scary to not be able to rely on your own brain.

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I suspect this congnition impairment doesn’t come from the illness but from the side effects of antipsychotics. I had similar problem when I was on 9mg Invega. But now I can follow movies better as I am on 200mg Amisulpride.

What meds are you on and the dose?

I think it’s something to do with your meds. What meds are you on now? and the dose?


I’m on 6mg Abilify and 200mg Depakene R.

I know abilify is an activating med which makes you restless and agitated so you are hard to concentrate. But I don’t know how powerful 6mg Abilify is and I have no idea of Depakene.

When I first started taking 12mg Abilify I was always very sleepy, but it’s gone now. I have no appearent side effects of Depakene R so far.

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That’s the thing. I’m not taking meds yet. Movies have always been tricky for me especially when the characters look very similar. But the issue with reading is post dx. I’ve always been way above average in my reading ability and comprehension so I can’t imagine it could be anything else. Hmm. Something to bring up at my next appointment.

That’s certainly scary! I’m glad you are okay. I have had a few moments where I get lost also. I once decided I wanted to go on a quick drive and ended up in the next state over. I freaked out because I had taken a bunch of back roads and couldn’t remember my way home. There was no cell service for my phone to connect me to directions either. I was really scared. I ended up finding a gas station and cell service, but boy was I shaken up when I realized how far out I was.

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Magazines, short TV shows…blogs.

Was same for me. At 2 years…Tried to study social work masters with 20 hour week internship, 17 chapters of reading a week plus 2-3 papers. Used Voc Rehab but they refused accommodation to go part-time to school even when I planned to only start working part-time…Complete flunk out. At 6 years…taken design & computer classes since and got A…9 Years…Can digest tedious reading now to do blog writing as I have journalism degree. …Things were hard when it started and for 2-3 years following so I could concentrate okay…except for work.

I have trouble reading when I’m agitated and my thoughts are racing. Your thoughts can wander when you are in this state. Usually I can read okay, but I have trouble learning really basic stuff. Any time I had a job I had trouble learning its basic duties. When I am trying to function in the world I always do so at a bare minimum.