How to talk to women


Am I missing something

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There’s been some comments of meeting people based on appearance. Some comments about guys who want to have kids and not raise them. Maybe a problem is some men don’t know how to talk to women although I don’t think they have the solution. I thought it was relevant, but I do regret the vulgarity of the video. How ya doing @anon98519533 aka scratty?

Been dealing with insurance stuff. Was frustrated about my communication skills earlier, but feel better, got a rx card that’ll make my rx 15 instead of 100. Nah, just being cheeky! Yeah, it’s so much easier for a girl to find a guy. Ya got unlucky with your chromosomes. Sorry to stereotype us but for reals for a vast majority of women… Girls are easily offended, sensitive, have the “pms” thank god im on the once every three month pill lol. And require nurturing like a flower. Guys that have low self-esteem and aren’t financially secure have it worse cuz a girl picks up on cuz A they want them to pay the bills or B stay at home and pop out babies. Sorry ladies but lots of women feel that way. My reason for falling in love with my husband is he makes me laugh. I tend to have a carrot up my ass a lot and he’s capable of making me laugh til my sides hurt. Plus 10 years ago a nurse told me he was running barefoot through the parking lot chasing my ambulance. Ding ding a winner. Seriously, learn to love yourself because “the game” is very difficult. I’m on second marriage. Love ain’t always like in the movies. ESPECIALLY if you are mentally ill cuz women “usually” tend to be the one that needs a shoulder to cry on…however, with my meds, I can’t have kids, so that puts me in the umm I don’t think my mom is gonna like me not having kids…I’m so frequently reminded of and my sis in law found out a couple of years ago and didn’t feel it was “safe” for her kid to be around a mentally ill person…btw he’s in 9th grade and had been 10 years, but whatever. I try to hide it but my husband reminds me when I get sad…”it’s in sickness and in health”. Don’t throw in the towel, but respect yourself, and don’t think for once a partner can fill that void in your gut. Only acceptance of yourself can do that. Don’t wanna see my bros get hurt. But since I have TD kinda bad we have a home gym that my husbands helps me with. But I know I’ve blown off several guys at the grocery store as if they didn’t have feelings…but nothing personal just that I want in and out of crowds. So, honestly a girl could have issues, too. Good luck out there. FYI I am 38 so my response comes from an old fart lol. No gray hairs ftw. Just take care of yourself and hopefully joy will come your way :heart:️

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Btw before sz got so bad…I paid the bills​:scream::cold_sweat:. Hard to be self sufficient to not being able to even drive. So, really not meaning women are “free loaders” but some are

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I’m glad your husband makes you laugh. To be honest I don’t know what I want anymore. I personally haven’t helped the stigma of mental illness because I quit taking my meds. Probably contributed to why your sister in law didn’t want her kids to be around mentally ill people.

I do have grey hairs. It’s weird when I talked to you months ago I had issues with my communication. I’m having some delusions about it and probably shouldn’t go into it.

Yeah I really need to learn more about relationships. I should probably read a book on it. Probably lots of people get into relationships to help feel a void. Then when they don’t have it anymore they move on. Oh well nice chatting with you.

Interesting topic. I didnt get any thoughts reading it at first but i could talk about another subject.

How to talk to women? make it seem like its hard to talk to women … like theres something wrong with us. Theres nothing wrong with women.


Anytime. I’m not always on but do check in now. Nice having people “understand” you a little more than the masses that call themselves “normal”. Hugs, take your meds if they work. My husband would kick my ass out on the curb if I didn’t take mine

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No he means the courage. It’s same as woman to woman etc. you have to be vulnerable and that’s hard for some guys…especially if been rejected too much.

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Express your delusions because I’m in a different place since then. I’m sleeping more, not as stressed and an increased med. my perception about everything has changed. I’ve stopped seeking validation andd put up boundaries to be happy.

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My delusions are stupid and selfish.

Seriously if you need meds, take them. I didn’t want to call you out because I know what you said was so personal. I just wanted you to realize meds can help and have you compare the two mes. Bring it on lol

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Yeah I’m prepared to be on meds the rest of my life. I don’t have any plans of getting off of them.

Awesome attitude but if any side effects ask for help. Never ever feel you’re not worthy

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Are you saying that’s how a guy SHOULD talk to women or how to NOT talk to women?

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The use of lines breaks like this:

Will increase your popularity on the internet.

Watch videos created by Julien Blanc, Owen Cook, Madison and RSD Max. That’s one of them:

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I think a man should not “talk to a woman” …like change his natural way of talking to people bacause its a woman.

And every woman is different like every person is different.

And the way a person in general speaks to people depends of where he/she is in their developement. For example a religios christian man who values life…speaks differently to people than an ex con.

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Are you saying an ex con can’t be a Christian? I helped out with habitat for humanity a gazillion years ago and met some god fearing ones.

Religion usually isn’t supposed to be discussed I’ve been warned. I’m not going to state my view on my volition. But I believe most religions believe in forgiveness

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