Sad about a woman. Not because it didn’t workout but because

A year and a half ago I hung out with a girl. We really hit it off. Great date and all with someone I have attraction to in looks and personality (or so I thought)

Maybe I was wrong because after the date I texted her and told her a little about my mental illness.

She said not much but never responded again when I was asking her out. I just figured oh must be me or her or some non concrete issue

Well I messaged her recently on POF (where we met) saying she should consider me. And she straight up starts saying bs like I don’t hang out with crazy people and such.

I didn’t say too much but she blocked me

Obv she’s not my type :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. But it’s just sad to me people think this way ugh :weary:

But I’m handling it fine

And doing great

Maybe I’ll write a song about it. But I won’t say anything too distasteful or anything

Ok all Im gonna say. Just looking for a little support. Don’t need much. Imma thrive.

I find that sort of thing really soul-destroying. And like you hinted at, it’s not socially acceptable for a man to respond with “all women are ■■■■■■■”. I’m angry for you right now.

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Thank you @Beep

Appreciate your comment

Take care

We’re in this together, don’t worry. We all got this.

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I’m sorry to hear that. Obviously she doesn’t deserve you.

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Thank you @anon8091425 :pray:

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People are very prejudiced and are mostly lying about vulnerable people. The people spreading this bullsh are worse.

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I thought that she was insecure. But that was in response to something else. But then she went off on me with so much BS. just proving me right.

Also prejudiced definitely yes

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If she is late 20’s, early 30’s then she is at prime breeding age according to this capitalist economy and biology, so a prime candidate needs the ideal genetics, money and security.

She probably doesn’t realise this herself, but will reject anybody that doesn’t meet these requirements. How she does it is a reflection of her personality.

It wasn’t pleasant how she did it, but lesson learned.

You’ll find someone else with what you have to offer in the end. Keep going and chin up! :slight_smile:


She was only 23. Just ignorant more than anything imo. Thanks @labratmat good insights bro :sunglasses: :v:

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I’ve heard enough

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