How to switch from Abilify maintena 400 mg depot to vraylar?

Any ideas?? even if it’s not available here how would it go

Could be a bad idea, stick to Abilify man.

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Why do you say that? My rn just put me on it. Says it’s to treat my bipolar.

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What’s better do you think, Abilify or Vraylar? I’m taking Abilify at the moment, with risperidone consta. I do want to try Vraylar.

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Vraylar seem to acts as an Abilify and the negative symptoms

i think mostly same bad initial side effects like akathasia, insomnia, but i don’t know i haven’t tried it yet, i hope one day.

There are magic bullets out there, you just gotta find them… it’s very hard don’t get me wrong, been looking for a decade , and what helped was seroquel (normal) 100 mg for 2 months and Minocycline 50 mg i only took this for 3 days and had to quit and it kicked in and all my positive and negative symptoms were GONE for 2 weeks not taking it, same with cipro anti biotic ear drops. I really think this is virus. or lyme tick or whatever evil occult infection going on.