How to stop eating at night quetiapine induced sleep eating?

i cannot stop eating after i take quetepine at night 200 mg…it makes me very hungry, and all food i eat is very delicious… i can eat during the day but doesnt help… i now limit my eating during the day, becouse i know i will cannot control myself eating at night


Lol I eat a lot at night too. Mostly ham or chicken sandwiches. I’m on 800mg of Seroquel. Although I haven’t changed in weight, so I’m not worried. Maybe you can make you something with peanut butter. I had peanut butter sandwiches or crackers when I had gestational diabetes and it was a good snack for keeping down the weight, and it fills you up. Make sure it’s whole wheat bread tho. Maybe this might help.

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Try keep the foods low calorie and already prepared or easily prepared.

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As others have stated, it will help to change your environment around. Consider not having high calorie snacks around. You also might want to consider putting them away from you so it’s difficult to get to. You might also want to get healthy snacks to eat instead.

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Serequel hunger is very real. Almost every time I take serequel at night I get hungry and have to eat a sandwich. I’m not sure there’s anyway around it.

If I don’t eat I just get hungrier and can’t fall asleep


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