How to know for sure if one has Schizophrenia?

Hi I’m new to this site and I’m hoping some of you might be able to help me figure out if I’m schizophrenic or just having extreme reactions to stress! I took a psychology class and noticed that a lot of my symptoms seemed to match up with schizophrenia but I’m also too nervous to mention most of these symptoms, including audio and visual hallucinations, to my parents or a doctor because I’m trying to get my drivers license and I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to get out of things or just be treated differently. I noticed my symptoms starting last year while I had a very heavy course load and often got 6ish hours of sleep at most and my grades were slipping from having difficult classes. I would hear voices saying that I’m not good enough and don’t work hard enough and would think and have realistic conversations outload with my parents even though after I would realize they weren’t there. If anyone has any general input or advice honestly it would really help because I’m about to start school and I’ve already noticed worsening symptoms but I don’t know what I should do. Thanks!


You need to see a doctor. This is the only rational course of action. Don’t wait, do it immediately. If you wait, it will make it harder for you to recover.


hi patt, welcome to the forum,

i think it is great that you have come here and spoke about your difficulties, this is the first step to recovery imo, i think you should reach out for help just incase it gets worse bc sometimes these things develop,

i think if you are sensible about this and you have realised you have a problem, you can still get help and try and complete your course and do driving lessons while getting help,

i dont see why you cant unless it gets too much, if it gets too much maybe have a break and get back to it when you feel better,

i hope this helps,

you can still chat here, we are a supportive bunch of folk here lol and i wish you all the best with this, your course work and driving lessons, take care.


I don’t know if stress can cause you to hear voices,
but I suppose it’s possible.

I would like to hope for the best for you that you don’t have sz.

Women I think gets symptoms later than men (I’m assuming you’re a girl)

welcome to the boards.

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