Do you think I have Schizophrenia or am i an idiot?

I am now in my teens, I think i have schizophrenia i don’t want to go out of my area and ask anyone so i came here to ask.

Since i turned 13, my life had changed and i started noticing a difference but thought it was normal for example i started hearing voices, they always said stuff like “Do this, or the devil takes your soul” “someones coming to kill you” “close all the doors and stop the incoming demons” and stuff like that, but i just thought it was normal.

Also when i’m running it tells me to keep going, it tell me someones behind you, turn around and see your demise, and when i’m typing this message i have a feeling someones going to view this and send someone to my house like a bunch of agents that will take me and cause harm to me or my family.

The voices are telling me to not type this as there will be consequences of some sort but i’m forcefully typing this, please can someone tell me if this is normal or if i am developing schizophrenia?


Oh, I’m sorry, you’re so young!
Talk to your parents about this and go see a doctor asap.
You show syptoms of schizophrenia, but there are other psychotic disorders that cause hearing voices.
Only a doctor can diagnose you.

You’re definetly not an idiot.
Best wishes.


sounds like you have some mild paranoia and maybe a few voices,

i am not a doctor and i dont think anybody here is but i would say it is a very good idea to talk about these things, talking about it is a form of release as you probably know so i would encourage you to keep talking about it to people when its appropriate and when you feel comfortable but it is a lot better for you to catch this early because then it wont get any worse,

so i suggest you do that and try and see a doctor because at the end of the day they are professionals and they have been trained to help you with whatever you have on your mind,

good luck and i really hope it doesnt get any worse for you

You should definitely ask a doctor about these things. Hearing voices is no small thing. It could be schizophrenia, or it could be some other psychotic disorder, but it definitely needs treatment. The sooner you get treated, the better your prognosis will be. Getting in to see a doctor right away will change the entire rest of your life for the better. They probably won’t diagnose it as schizophrenia right away, since you’re under 18, but they can still get you on some medication. If you have been trying any recreational drugs, it would be a good idea to stop, because most of them will make your psychosis worse. Especially pot or LSD.

If you are comfortable, you may begin by telling your school nurse or counselor what you are experiencing. They are qualified to help you or to make the proper referral.

It’s not normal. It’s good that you recognize this. Please get yourself to a doctor and share this as soon as possible. If you are underaged and require your parents to do so, please let them know what’s going on.

The earlier you get treatment, the better the outcome if this is SZ. I repeat, the earlier you get treated, the better the outcome.

Good luck!



Hi, some people experience symptoms like you described and later have an episode before knowing that they might have a mental illness. My first symptoms began at age 14 before I had an episode at 15. If you were able to seek treatment as preventative then you might prevent it from getting worse and have a higher successful outcome and recovery. You can’t be sure that you are truly experiencing psychosis from schizophrenia or something else. People can hallucinate for other reasons but often the earlier you catch a hold of what is happening the more chances you have to get better.

I would recommend telling a mental health worker or school counselor your concerns.

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But, can i go to a doctors surgery instead of like a psychiatrist?

You need to consult your family first as they are the ones who are in charge of your care.

You can ask about getting an EEG, Hormone test and blood test first.

You can see a neurologist. A neurologist can actually give you a test that can measure your brain’s electrical activity and check for brain damage called an EEG. The first step would be to tell your parents or an adult who is in charge of you. You can ask them if they would be able to take you to a neurologist to see if you have something wrong with your brain, to rule out other causes. An EEG is like an x-ray machine and they can see if you have brain damage or any other causes of your symptoms.

This is what my parents did. They took me to a neurologist who gave me an EEG to measure for brain damage, a blood test to make sure I had no drugs or anything else in my system, and the EKG which measure heart rate to make sure you are physically healthy.

You are a minor so that means that your parents or caregivers are the main people in charge of deciding how best to go about tests and medicine. If your parents think you need therapy instead you can give that a try.

Surgery is not involved in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is thought to be a chemical imbalance that could be caused by genes or other factors. The cause does not have to be obvious, and like you said it might have to do with getting older.

When you become a teenager your hormones start being more active. Many teenagers have overactive hormones too. I think those are the main factors. Some parents will think oh she or he is just a normal hormonal teenager.

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My father had the same problem as me too, he always used to drink alcohol and is divorced from my mother, i haven’t seen him since i was 7 and he used to talk to people in his head and always thought he was bieng stalked, could this be a factor in my experiences too?

From what you said, your dad may have had a psychotic disorder like schizophrenia or bipolar.

Actually yes, statistics have shown that you are more likely to have schizophrenia if a parent had it and this can be a clue that you have a higher likelihood of developing more symptoms over time if you don’t create a recovery plan and start finding solutions. For hearing voices, not everyone has to take medication and medication doesn’t always work, especially on its own without talk therapy. The majority of people I know who take medication for schizophrenia said it has stopped their psychosis.

It’s good that you are reaching out for support. People on forums can only offer their personal thoughts. Psychiatrists, there are many that are very good and professional–that does not mean that you will like everyone you talk to. You should tell your mom about what’s going on.

Therapy helps because you can learn to ground yourself in reality. I think having a therapist at the same place you receive psychiatric treatment is better often because the counselors at mental health facilities are more professional and won’t blame it on your parents or upbringing as some people still do not fully accept or understand schizophrenia, it’s getting better though.

Just remember that this is not your fault, and you did the right thing by reaching out to others.

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Considering the nature of the messages you report your voices are saying, I would look into these kinds of psychotherapeutic treatment:

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –
10 StEP –

I talked with my mother and she was shocked, i’m seeing a doctor soon. :mask: :pill: :sweat:


My son is 14 and told me hears voices and has paranoia. He has been checked out by a psychiatrist. He does not have psychosis. They believe his voices come from depression. If you are depressed your voices can be very negative. He has medicine now that he takes in the evening. He also has appointments with a counselor to talk about when he was bullied in school and other traumatic events.

It is imortant to do an EEG and MR of your brain to rule out physical causes.

Good luck at your appointment.

Oh yes, also write down questions you might have to your doctor on a piece of paper and bring it with you.