I am starting to think I don't have it

I’ve lately been thinking that I have schizophrenia until I started watching videos with people that have it and I noticed that with schizophrenia you hallucinate a lot and there’s a “voice in your head” which I do have a voice but it’s not to where I can’t tell if its from reality or not. Also some of them see things like shapes or objects or hallucinate and I do not get that either, so I guess I either don’t have it or its early stages I don’t know a lot about it, although I did relate to one guy that said the voice would tell him to move certain objects or certain movements or something would happen… so I don’t know… I do know that there is something wrong though but I don’t know what it is because my story is a bit different but also very similar

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I have paranoid schizophrenia, but don’t have hallucinations or hear voices.


My current diagnosis is schizo-affective disorder. I don’t hallucinate or hear voices so, in the past, it has made me question if I’m even sick. But I am. I have all the other symptoms. I find that when I start questioning my diagnosis or denying it, then I’m going to relapse and end up in the hospital.

Well somebody diagnosed you , I guess

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This is the kind of thing you shouldn’t diagnose on your own. It sounded from your other post that you’re going through some difficult things right now. Talk to your parents, or to your school counselor if you’re too uncertain about your parents. My school had a psychologist, maybe yours has something similar?

But don’t try to handle this all on your own, or rely on the advice of strangers. If there really is something wrong, the sooner you get help, the better.


No I never said I had it i just didn’t know what other option to put on the forum

Are you taking meds , have you being psychotic or hospitalised

No I’ve never even told anyone and I never said I had it either

Ok your lucky , I wouldn’t delve too deep into this , if you had schiz , you would have next to no functioning. Do you work , are you in college?

No I’m in school

How’s that going , your grades ok? , what do you want to do when you leave school?

My grades are ok I guess and I have no idea what I want to do when I leave school I can’t see myself in the future

Well ok then :slight_smile: hope you find something nice in your future.

Thanks, Im just very confused right now

Have you seen a doctor yet about this?

No not yet Im not sure if I have it or not

From what you said in your other post, you should talk to your parents and go see a doctor. It’s going to be alright, it is better to be safe now than be worse later if it is the case that you have sz. Don’t you think? Neither we or yourself are qualified to diagnose. But you are willing to get better, and that’s half the battle


Yeah I haven’t told anyone yet but I probably will soon I don’t trust the staff at my school so I’ll probably tell my mom soon

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The important thing here is to focus on your health, and the secondary stuff can be dealt with.

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Yeah I just need to get over being scared to tell my mom it’s weird with her

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