How to keep yourself from being delusional

Hi, I haven’t posted here in a while. Been having a tough time lately. I’ve been delusional at least like 8 times in the last 10 months or so. Recently have changed medicines to help. I don’t know if it has worked though. Does anybody have advice on how to keep yourself from being delusional?

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stay grounded, stimulate other senses i.e listen to music. :radio:
avoid recreational drugs
avoid alcohol…
avoid sugar drinks.
go for a walk in nature. :deciduous_tree:
think logicaly about situations…and write down your delusion, so you can see it for what it is…a delusion.
take care :alien:


thanks dartksith I appreciate the advice

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I do journal and try to look at what I’m thinking… sometimes when I read it I can see there’s some sneaky brained thinking seeping in.

I talk to my sis and my girlfriend… they help me when I feel I’m starting to slip.

I try to find the logic of the situation… question…

I talk to my therapist…

Hope you feel better… :v:


thanks surprisedJ

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Stress makes our symptoms worse. You can’t avoid stress completely but you can find constructive ways to deal with it and lessen it.

Writing, or typing it down helps. Even speaking it aloud to yourself can help a bit. By seeing it on a paper or a computer screen, I’m able to see my delusions kind of for what they really are, delusions. It doesn’t help 100%, because there’s that voice in the back of your head that’ll always believe in these ideas. But the logical part of your brain, at least for me is easier to pick apart some of the illogical parts of my delusions when I see them written down. Then when you see these parts, you keep reminding yourself of the logical parts that counter your delusions when you get delusional.

Sometimes it’s really hard to do, or you refuse to think about the logical parts all together. But it’s worth the times where it actually works to save you the stress in those moments.

Hope this helps!

Concentrate on the task at hand , if you listening to the radio or watching the TV , don’t let your mind wonder. Obviously you have to relax as well but the TV and radio are handy in that you can practice and hone your skills.

Note : many people with schiz tend to think that these devices are giving them messages. Its really a sign of how potentially psychotic you are if you can’t follow conversations on both the TV and radio. If this is a problem for you I would suggest looking at your meds again or try to concentrate.

Yeah tv and the media tend to make delusions worse for me. A part of me knows I am having delusions but I can still feel the strangeness of the delusion. I try to keep stress down and treat myself well.

8 times in 10 months? Sounds normal to me.