How do you get not delusional when you completely beleive your delusions

When you believe in it how do not believe in it?

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Exactly. Amazing question! You are a star in my book for this kind of thinking.

I could talk to you about this, but people don’t like reading you know. You won’t read pages of it. Hehe


It’s tough. I don’t know if there is a true way to be free delusion. You could try having those around you remind you of what is real. Just a suggestion.

Reality testing if possible.

If not, it depends on the delusions. Does it impact how you live your life in a negative way? I can’t reality test my primary “delusion” so I just try to live as if it may not be true. Because I can’t do much about it anyway.

  1. Pills

  2. meds

  3. prescribed by licensed psychiatrist

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I feel like nothing can be done, in those moments a delusion has you in its grip. But, I recall before one of my hospitalizations I had this downfall in to thinking that my doctors at the time were trying to hurt me, not physically but through a series of things meant to trigger me. I tried to tell myself it wasn’t true, I tried to be reasonable but it didn’t change how I felt. Its a terrible thing to be aware and unable to help yourself. So, I wrote it all down and went to tell my parents because I needed help but I refused to see those doctors again and I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone. They tried to help me reason but it didn’t help because I couldn’t change the fear and mistrust I felt.

Anyway I guess what I’m trying to say is grounding yourself and being as objective as you can might help but ultimately if it has you in its grip all you can do is try to reach out for help, it seems.

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Reality testing, maybe. In my case the only thing that freed me from believing in delusions was meds. I had Agnosia at the time of my diagnosis so no one could tell me anything!

That 's a really good post, thank you

I think it is possible to take away what you believe with delusions but I can’t figure it out yet. It probably takes more abilities understand. I’m still trying lol

What is your primary delusion if you don’t mind me asking

It’s complicated, but it comes down to I beleive I basically maimed someone. Not on purpose.

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