How to get 1000mg of CBD a day?

This is roughly the dose needed for cbd to work as an antipsychotic. 1000mg costs like 60 euros which is way too expensive to use every day, Is there a way to get it in bulk, or some kind of scheme that would pay for it. I need to get this badly, I can’t take antipsychotics as they take away my emotions and complicated thoughts.

Its not guaranteed tech over the current meds anyways. Bit like pissing in the wind…Yeah sure it’s ok when the wind is with you. Not so good when the wind is against you.

So spend all that money over poorer outcomes anyways?

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it is it has been shown to be as effective as amisulpride

Where? Link the studies. Plenty of cbd proponents out there without the medical backing.

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’ The study concluded that CBD is as effective as amisulpride in treating psychotic symptoms and has fewer adverse effects, including less extra pyramidal symptoms and weight gain. More recently, the effects of CBD on psychosis were explored in two double-blind randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials.’

It says it’s as an adjunctive treament to meds. It doesn’t say it replaces them. So you spend all that money on something that you need meds for too? Good luck.


its not adjunctive if it says its as effective as amisulpride, that implies that it can be used on its own

It’s interesting. I guess someone has to try it before we draw conclusions. But yeah, it’s very expensive. Need to win the lottery. Plus cbd is still illegal in my country. It’s ultra conservative here.

That means absolutely nothing. Take ANY antipsychotic and talk to the people on this forum. We all react differently, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes there are side effects, sometimes there are none.

Latuda is very effective for me but other people on here report horror stories with it. Same goes with every AP and the same would be true of CBD.

You could save up enough money to try that dosage for a month, but even it if works, which it might not, how would you afford it going forward. you would have to win the lottery or get a high paying job as it’s not economically feasible today, maybe in the future prices will be cut drastically.

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CBD shouldn’t be used alone to treat psychosis
Meds are known to be effective.

Please don’t ditch your meds

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@gloopy I am going to have to ask you to keep the CBD questions to a single thread. They are starting to become spam.