CDB oil effective for schizophrenia shrink sais

CDB oil effective for schizophrenia shrink sais… before i am trying doxycycline which is dangerous

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Someone, @ninjastar? @Moonbeam? said it takes like 1000mg or something per day to be effective. That’s like $60 a day.


my shrink sais 20 euro but hes considering options for cheaper ways to get it

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LED what are the risks? you know more about it, ive seen side effects but they werent like TD and ■■■■ like that

CBD oil didn’t work for me on an anti psychotic level,

And its super expensive.

I think its just in trend and not really an effective treatment.

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I have no idea. I’ve used it a few times for insomnia and chronic pain with mild success.

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The dosage for CBD oil to act as an antipsychotic is 1,000 mg per day. It is very expensive, but they’re working on making synthetic CBD drugs that will be cheaper.

hi ive seen on the news the synthetic drugs people fell into comas and death on the belgian news experimental drugs

so CBD oil pure might be safe? but those experimental cannabis medicines are dangerous i presume :frowning:

I’m not talking about dangerous experimental meds. I’m talking about pharmaceutical companies doing clinical trials in safe settings. Synthetic CBD-based drugs are not available just yet, and when they come out, they’ll only be available with a prescription.

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It’s hard for me to tell weather cbd helps me. Unless I stop medication and only take cbd will I know.

Sadly, cbd most likely does nothing for schizophrenia. I know it works for some people with epilepsy, but some epileptic patients got worse from using cbd. But some epileptic people have had their lives changed for the better because of cbd.

Everyone is different and reacts differently to cbd. But if I were to quit medication and solely use cbd I doubt it’s gonna stop psychotic schizophrenia, I just don’t see it happening for me.

I use cbd oil all the time just incase, but I think I’d rather take abilify if I had to choose just one.