How to escape from a psych ward?

Just curious x i’m stuck here for weeks/months and need to get out

Do what you’re told, and make positive decisions regarding treatment - or else… they will keep you for longer


-or else you will be stuck there for more time

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I’m already taking my meds etc but idk what else i’m supposed to do - i’m done with being here

You can recover more quickly with a psychologist, if you talk to him and are honest.

Here’s no psychologist working atm

Then try to do the same with your psychiatrist…

I escaped from the Psyche Ward on a smoke break…took a taxi to Parliament Hill in Canada.

I approached these police officers with my hands in my pockets…to give them gifts for our Prime Minister…for the women and children of the world.

I’m lucky it was a veteran Police Officer i approached…a rookie Cop may have pulled out his gun and shot me!

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I guess - the psychiatrist sadly works only on Wednesdays and Thursdays…

You need to assemble a team. Someone who is good with computers, someone who is good with ecplosives, some charming man or woman to distract guards and someone who cracks jokes for comic relief throughout the operation.


I needed serious responses

A distracting chick with big boobs…a car chase…and some gratuitous use of midgets would help as well! :laughing:

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Not to get put in one in the first place by not telling your psych anything beyond mundane things. But since that isnt an option for most of us, the best bet is to get smoking privlege and run when you get a chance. Youll prob have to run to a different city and hide, become homeless and hopefully survive off medication. Tho youre prob in a hospital gown so youll stick out like a sore thumb if you decide to run.

I’m underage and not in hospital gown :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw im scared of them overmedicating me even further

we all have been there. Don´t worry they will reduce the dosage over time, but now “overmedication” may be good for you.

Overmedication is always bad for u


You are right. That´s why it´s between " " because maybe it´s just a way of saying " a lot of medication" which may be good for you.

It’s not much medication but i feel like im drugged by it

Maybe is the other way around. Maybe you have a condition which some symptoms simmilar to some kinds of drugs and the AP just tries to inhibit the symptoms.