How to educate your mind while not in school?

I’m trying to better my education, but currently can’t afford college. Is this a sign to reach out for financial support or should I try and self educate? I’m a lot less stressed out, but I feel pretty lax in my abilities without being in college.

Take online health and safety classes. If employers look at your resume they will be impressed knowing you took the time for American Red Cross certified courses.

The library where I am has an online resources section which includes Education & Research. Your local library may be able to help you out with some free resources.


Our community centers and libraries have lots and lots of classes for either free or on scholarship.

YMCA is national and they do have classes from health and fitness and learn a new language and on and on. The Y isn’t just a gym. They are also hooked in to the YWCA and that does have cooking classes, GED classes, language, maths… again, scholarship for low income, free work shops.


I self educated through listening to talk radio…Im telling you its the best way to get informed as you don’t get bored as your ear just tunes into what ever youre interested in. Trust me, talk radio is a blessing for all those lonesome days you have when youre depressed.

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You can teach yourself programming. One of my old friends is a true genius, he graduated high school at 16 with more AP credits than was even funny. He is in France (he is a French citizen) studying biology and is bored so he is teaching himself programming and is on par with one of my other friends who is majoring in it and also very bright (smarter than me). I think there are programs similar to rosetta stone for languages for programming- but it’s not easy. It’s a challenging field. The thing is, it’s an invaluable skill, everyone in every workplace relies on advanced computer science even when theyre wasting time on facebook.

But working in IT is a very stressful and time consuming job. They often keep IT specialists on-call and work them like animals, my sister’s fiance is an IT director and he is always on call, going to fix servers on the weekends. He makes good money though.

You can learn programming on your own, there is some educational programming thing my friends mentioned the other night, they said it was like rosetta stone for programming.

But if you like computers and work better with objects than people (like most of us people diagnosed with schizophrenia do), you can make a living off of it and just work part-time to keep from getting stress-induced psychosis.

Other than that, I dont have many ideas. However, you could learn a skill and be a skilled worker- they can support themselves pretty well. I met a gas leak specialist while waiting in line at a shop one time, he said he makes more money than he feels like he deserves…probably because gas leaks are dangerous and people will pay a lot to get them fixed. You dont go to college for that job, I imagine you would do trade school or something, but I didnt ask him how he landed the job.

But I am speaking on the most practical grounds- I am referring to real stories about alternative education, not brainstorming.

The military is great for people who arent sure what they want to do but can work hard, but unfortunately we people diagnosed with schizophrenia are not allowed to mop the ■■■■■■■ floor of government buildings. I have rather strong opinions on that because before I had psychosis, I was on my way to joining ROTC and it was all I wanted at the time. Now I am a psych major and will be getting a masters in clinical psych. after I graduate, that’s my plan. I might go for a Ph.D. if I have funds and havent relapsed, but for now I am setting a more realistic goal; I want to be on the staff of a mental hospital, preferably doing intake evaluations. If I really nail the master’s and am still stable, I will shoot for a Ph.D.

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Keep reading. I am not saying to read junk fiction either, but read the classics. John Steinbeck, Thoreau, Walt Whitman are all greats. That is what you should go after.

Reading the paper is good for current events. Pick up a math book and work a couple problems.

I would stay away talk radio.


Read books you think are positive. Follow you’re own way when choosing books to read. Know your own personal limitations. .There are a lot of books on the market today. A lot of them have toxic material in them. Eventually you may feel the need for a teacher. Teachers aren’t just in school. You’d be surprised what you can learn from other people just by listening to what they have to say. The library or a bookstore is a good place to be today.

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Great ideas everyone, thanks.

I’ve learned more from the surrounding media that I ever learned in school. Most of what I ‘learned’ in school I’ve forgotten except for a few general ideas that have stuck with me. Books, magazines (there’s a lot of interesting stuff tin The New Yorker), watching public TV, etc. I listen to radio talk shows too. Books on CD from the library. That way you’re drawn to what most interests you and is important to you.

There’s a lot of reading to be done online + this site too has educated me. Listening to certain music seems to educate me in some way I don’t understand. Seek out what you’re interested in. Productive or creative thinking - self learning is maybe the most important - that I seldom tap in to.

libraries are great , quiet , beautiful places full of knowledge, wisdom, romance, funny stories…it is the best way to educate yourself and it is free…the best things in life are always free…not including a double shot cappuccino .
take care

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A good book with a double shot cappuccino :blush:

Decadent yet simple. What a great way to spend a sunset into a quiet night under a lantern with fireflies. On the water’s edge of course, during a warm night.

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You have to decide if you want to entertain your mind, or educate your mind. One is as important as the other in some ways and too much of either is not good in other ways. But if you were good at math and science in school you have talent there you need to develop. It is not easy. But an hour a day doing word problems from a math text would do wonders for your mind. Physics, Calculus, Chemistry, Economics too. After you are done an hour take a break. Then do an hour of writing in a journal, or art education, reading the paper. History. Many subjects. Choose 3 and work on them for 2 months. Make it a habit. Learn.

STEM is where the jobs are and in today economy yes there are art curators but the world is not paying them well. On the other hand if you are an engineer you are making good money and the world is your oyster. STEM Stands for Science Technology Engineering (and) Math. Money is going into these fields and they do not have enough students.