Do you learn better through formal or informal eduaction

Because I don’t know whether college is for me because its so boring reading heavy books…is it worth it?

I think it’s up to you. But there is a lot to consider. the huge cost nowadays of going to school, how stable you are and how long you have been stable? is it a field that you really want to be in. How have you been school in the past?

It’s a personal choice. Some on here have done really well with school and are doing presently. how competitive is your major is a question too?? are there a lot of jobs or are the jobs for a small amount of people that get the degree.

Good luck with your decision!

I think the best thing is to be book read and yet also learn through life experience…


Im considering a social work type course but I want to do one that is mostly practical as I believe I understand people very very well so I don’t feel I need psychology or sociology that much. And then I believe I understand mental illness very well. So I was hoping for a practical social work course as I feel that would benefit me themost.

health and social care i think its called

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You need a college degree in this day and age. You also need to be very stable to consider school. It’s going to stress you out at times and you will also face a social component. College is not the right place for some people who have schizophrenia, but if you manage your symptoms well and/or are medicated successfully, you can make A’s and do better than 90% of everyone else in the room.

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For me I think it’s a bit of both (formal and informal) and the topic.

I have learned a lot independently and my own research and reading. But my Mom and Dad are both teachers so I have sort of been “home schooled” as an adult.

I do like my classroom experience thus far. But I also like the on-line class.

I like heavy books. If you don’t, I think you should stay away from school.

I went to college a while back and honestly the only think I learned was how to party harder - I did a lot of drugs and alcohol during those years. But yes I chose this path. College does not have to be all fun and games.
I am self made when it comes to learning and education