How to deal with pointless living

things that i used to find fun arent fun at all anymore. everything seems so pointless. video games used to make me happy now i cant even play them. my girlfriend has noticed the lack of emotion. why the ■■■■ cant i just feel normal.

It gets better man. Its probably a side effect of the meds. Get used to being bored and unsatisfied. Then start doing things. You’ll adjust to not enjoying things. That is the truth about video games though, they got boring as hell.

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i know how you feel, but it does get better.
take care

funny thing about video games, they get boring. if you would have told a 17 year old me that by 21 i’d be bored with shooter games, i would have said no way, but its true. i thought i’d be playing games into my 40s and 50s, but after a few thousand hours i’m over them.

i have a logitech g27 racing wheel that i use for f1 2013 and assetto corsa, but i’m bored with that too.

i agree with your sentiment in general. life seems pointless to me, not just video games. i think about suicide almost all day, and ask myself, how do regular people just wake up, go to work, come home and repeat that for most of their lives… it seems crazy, and were the crazy ones…

i watched this ted talk on depression and the guy basically said that its a 1 in 4 chance of having depression at one time in our lives and its steadily increasing, because human beings weren’t made for living in houses and depending on so much technology. we are hunter gatherers…
of course life seems pointless because this is not how were supposed to exist.

life isn’t pointless if you have a point? like, what’s your stance on hope? stuff like that…

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I just keep going after things that glimmer.


When I have these moments, I try to find something that would interest me and do it. It’s totally okay to call it a bad mood. These happen. But you have to keep going about your personal care needs, work & house work and the mood passes.

Sometimes I sat and looked at my old hobbies without any enthusiasm. It was nothing more than clutter. I gave it away and tried some new things. I felt better…

Here is some happy music for you :smiley:

You do not need to feel unhappy and pointless, young man :smile:

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