I started to hate video games

i dont enjoy them anymore, i dont enjoy drawing , it makes me nervous, i am feeling hopless.video games are pointless. And i want to die


I am hooked on monster legends. Its really juveniles game. But i líke the monsters they are very creative. Please dont die spooky yet. So much more to come some really good too. Its going to improve again.

It’s okay not to enjoy something sometimes.

Maybe just listen to some music? If you can enjoy that at least.

I play video games much less than I used to, but I don’t mind. Mostly I like the music from them anyway.

I like to zone out to music when I’m feeling low. That’s what I’m doing now.

I do tend to think video games are pointless though. Just got a new PS4 and I could give a rat’s hoo-hah to really get into anything anymore. I tried. Just doesn’t click.

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It’s only natural to get fed up with things from time to time. I got fed up with music recently. Take a break from these things and then you’ll be interested in them again.


Perhaps it’s because when you Play a Game , it’s L(Y)Ke Hypothetically walking Down a Hallway and it’s Filled with Rows of Vaulted Doors , where on tha Doors Simplistically , it’s Shows what Button you Have to Press in order to Continue … ,

So your Brain is Possibly Fed up with that Stupidity … ,

Altho e(Y)e Say “stupidity” , No Offense meant , jus annoyed that e(Y)e Can’t Focus on Something else besides my Paranoia and all tha Rest of tha nonsense e(Y)e Go throo … ,

and kill tha Dying Fantasies … ,

That is truly Pointless … ,

e(Y)e Tried a Few T(Y)me$ , to end it all … ,

Still Here , , ,

So Perhaps there is a Point to my existence … ,

So Far it’s to be a Joke to my Family … ,

but , e(Y)e Could jus be , being Paranoid about those who Jus Don’t know How to Respond to what e(Y)e Put out there … … …

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I gave up on games myself, I can’t respond fast enough anymore

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my voices dont let me play them anymore , they tell me im to old for that shiz and should be doing better things with my time

Try playing cards or chess. Any activity you find interesting can help with cognition. Lots of free on-line sites.

I think this happens to all gamers… if I get bored of a game or genre I usually play some retro comp games… or dust off an older console and play some classics… sometimes ill just play online dragon age inquisition its terribly simple compared to the single player but I can solo the hardest difficulty with my power house reaver… sometimes I will purchase a cheap indie game… don’t starve is a good one goat simulator is pointless fun… that Viking game was really addictive once I got into it…

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Not enjoying things you used to is common for sz. I loved a stupid fighting game where you just walk down the street beating people up. After the stress of being hospitilized, (this was years ago) I couldn’t stand it.

These days I play Fallout 4 when I get around to it.

Like cadillac dinosaur😂

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I think it was final fight on SNES which resembeled that screenshot. I’m ancient lol

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:grin: Sometimes I feel the same about chess, but I keep playing because I have no other options.
I feel sometimes that I don’t want to live anymore, and I don’t want to play chess anymore.

You know we have a world of people especially on this forum who are over stimulated. Sex masturbation lust desires to be rich greed physical pleasures material things desires to be entertained that we start to dislike selfless thing like giving to people in need it cripples us we don’t even see our own needs and are not happy. Study these feelings and appose them. Be happy with who you are and what you have.

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Could be anhedonia

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