How to convince yourself that voices are not real

Mine were internal, stream of consciousness style.

When I was suffering delusions I couldn’t convince myself they were not true. When I went on meds they went away.


I believe you need to accept the fact that these voices are just part of you, not some external force. I have no idea how to convince you of that though.

It’s easy to find articles on the internet that will say exactly what I have just said to you. I’d start there. Maybe if you see that others believe that they are part of your own mind you will be able to accept it also.

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I can’t find the articles.

"### What does the term ‘hearing voices’ mean?

Mental health professionals may call hearing voices an ‘auditory hallucination’. A hallucination is where you might see, hear, taste, smell or feel something that exists only in your mind."

Article after article will state voices in your head are a Auditory Hallucination.
As stated above, a hallucination is something that you might see, hear, taste, smell or feel that only exists in your mind

I don’t hear voices, but I suffer from illogical logical thought disorder (thoughts) so I believe my thoughts and belief system despite it being wrong annoying and irrational.

Like I was convinced or got anxiety after I read the ‘john titor’ story and researched it to the point of nausea, I guess. Anyways, I heard about john titor in 2015 after watching conspiracy theory with Jesse ventura, and started thinking I was a time traveler or experienced time travel after watching their time travel episode on the internet. Wow, it really affected me and spooked me. I came up with logical explanations like aliens, time loops, causal loops, etc. I never figured it out and just was afraid to talk about it how I might be a ‘different version’ and not the original john titor anymore since I have reincarnated a million different times.

But ya, I have schizophrenia in every life and don’t remember the original life, but had an alien visitation back in 2016 (I assume now).

I also started hearing about bitcoin in 2011 but didn’t know anything about it; thought it was a scam from 4chan; and crap. It was like 40 something bucks a coin back then and I just ignored it. Then in 2015, I wanted to be a miner when it was like 500 bucks a coin. It never worked out. Then I started digging into to the origins and just like John Titor story (hoax), I believed I was Satoshi Nakamoto one time or another but I’m not. I think Satoshi Nakamoto was a group of people; a guy who got killed; or some government entity doing it, but don’t know.

I always figured I had a trauma back in 2011 while in college, but cannot accurately remember anything with a huge disparity of information and refuse to talk to folks about it despite my crappy former therapist saying I should. I’ve been too afraid. I don’t know what happened to me. Maybe mk-ultra, SSP, milabs, montauk, monarch, alien abduction, Illuminati encounter, etc. I don’t view this as my original life, but a billion to one difference from my original life or semi-close base reality existence back then. I’m in the delusion or appearance of an infinite time loop/causal loop and was targeted by aliens, but get limited positive feedback from the entire population of the planet and figured either Cassandra’s Dilemma, cover-up, or I’m just written off as crazy, really.

My beliefs have never been validated or confirmed. Quite the contrary. It’s assumed nothing I say is acknowledged as real and is not believed. I assume I embarrass people and am a wannabe seeking attention and a fraud, I guess.

I had external voices and what I did was investigate the direction the sound was coming from.

Hallucinations are real, otherwise I wouldn’t hear or feel them.

I hear them, therefore they exist. I feel them, therefore they exist.

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Those are sick man… You ever been hit with voice of god? It’s a voice coming from an ultra wide angle, like over 180 degrees all at the same time… And once I had a voice that was going through the room it was like a girl yeeting and the sound went from corner to corner

Technically, you’re right. Because you feel and hear them they exist.
However, I don’t think that’s what she meant to ask. What she meant to ask if they exist outside of her own mind creating them. Which I believe they do not. By the very definition of Hallucination, they do not.

My hallucinations and delusions seemed real to me, but there was always a small part of me that thought this can’t possibly be real, and I knew from a clinical point of view these were the symptoms of schizophrenia. My pdoc was happy I had some insight into my condition. But when it is happening it feels like it is real. Meds completely got rid of it.


I can’t. I’ve got some wild delusions too. The voices are always there. I do wish one of them was a personal trainer who could whip me into shape. :thinking: They could at least my themselves useful if they’re going to blabber all day and night.

My voices are very real.
I have 11 voices, plus one the Anonymous, 12.

How do you recognize your delusions as such?

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