Is anyone else here "crazy" enough to believe that their voices might be true?

I sometimes do… like usually. My friend told me to just ignore them. But it’s hard to do since they seem so real. They are very debilitating. when they’re happening I just want to hide out in my bedroom and sleep it away. she also told me that they don’t exist, that they are lack of light, and whatever is lack of something is not actually something. It’s kind of reassuring. a couple of my friends are pretty sure I’m being attacked by demons.


Yes I still wonder and feel anxious if I ignore them.
I also wonder about things they say to me and it has really contributed to my depression… The hell thing etc.

I don’t hear voices which is a blessing. I have it bad enough already. I think my thoughts or delusions could be true but I do talk about them all the time. It really helps talking here about them even though I get ■■■■ about it sometimes. It’s better than therapy in a lot of ways. In others not so much. It’s more laid back here and stuff.

After my first and only psychosis, I don’t believe they’re real anymore. When my psychosis was happening, I was mostly hearing one voice that belonged to an actual real person. It belonged to a girl that I had a crush on at my second high school who graduated a year ahead of me and she was working at one of the stores here uptown. The really weird twist about it was when we were both at school together, in recent years, I’ve surmised that she might have liked me back! :laughing::blush:

Yes I 100% believed that my voices were real and believe me, mine sounded real! 100% indistinguishable from a real person. I

My voices are hard to belive cuz they say crazy subjects like my family is in hell and there really cartoonish and make fun of everything in a weird way. They say iam the weakest being ever just cuz I smoke ciggs and prey to god. They give me feelings in my body like enhancing stuff that i enjoy saying they want to expeince though me cuz they say they like to take. Its weird never thoght I would have these thoughts there really smart and good at predicting stuff and setting up sycronisities. Its weird they say iam the only person ever that couldn’t quit ciggs bu let I see people smoking all the time. Then they say that iam going to hell forever for it and try to lord over every aspect of my life and make the biggest deal out of everything it sucks. They say they have the power to take me to hell forever and are really confident about it. Some of the voices that I hear the voices say it’s my family trying to help me in some sort of test that suposibly every one went though and pasted except for me it sucks they say they are the egiptions and test every one almost after death for eternal life. I always ask who are they to test me. They always say that iam stupid for smoking and not believing in them but the the things they say is crazy and my friends and family say that it’s not real and they cant really do any thing to me. It’s crazy they seem to make things happen on the news to send me a message and say iam the center of attention for an evil society that likes to tourture for fun. I hope to god that it’s not real cuz it’s scary and hell.

I don’t believe my delusions are true, which I think is similar, considering its a false belief…until I’m delusional, a period where I become slightly confused feel a bit of euphoria and generally feel “loose” I think that, as far as being delusional goes…that periodic delusionalness is the way to go. Long term is way no bueno.

I’m pretty sure there’s a fairy following me around. I can’t hear him anymore, but I can sense him.

I no longer believe for a second these voices are real. In the beginning when I thought people were following me I did, but not any more.

For one thing, they seem to only react or say something when I have a new thought.

I do whatever I can not to believe or dis-believe. These are things that you practice only when you are located at a distance from the actual truth. I choose to find the truth instead. Anything less than connecting directly with the truth, I simply give a probability rating of whether it be true or not.

However, if you find a truth that the majority of this world yet has not, you have to keep it to yourself, or else the whole world will come down upon you.

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