How to blend in with the locals in australia

lesson 2.

  1. knock out one of your front teeth…this is where you place the straw, when sipping a stubbie ( beer in a can )

  2. it is important to dress appropriatly…thongs ( with the australian flag on them, of course ! ) short shorts, and a blue slightly stained singlet .

  3. decor for outside house…be sure to place an old stained and smelly sofa on the front verandah…

  4. entertainment… sit in said sofa on front verandah with stubbie in one hand , scratching yourself with the other and swear at anything that passses the house at full volume…

you are now getting closer to being a citizen of australia…" good on ya maaate "

take care from the very posh :alien:


I got a boomerang from somewhere when I was in seventh grade.Me and my friends went out to the empty field near our house to throw it but it was impossible for us to make it do what it was supposed to do. It was very frustrating. But hey, I don’t hold grudges, thumbs up to Olivia Newton-John and Elle McPherson anyway.

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the sheilas’ are alright downunder…just don’t ask them to speak…the accent spoils the illusion !?!
take care :alien:

Oh, I love the accent.

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Nicole Kidman. Steve Irwin RIP. :crocodile: :crocodile:


Hei, sith, I wish I had received your lesson when I was still living in Australia. I mingled with 3 neighbors when I was there and they are different in tastes of clothes and food. One is refined who reads a newspaper everyday but two others are pretty rough who nenver looked at a paper and just like gossips about local suburbs.

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Or you could be one of the most accomplished guitarists anyone has ever seen.

Gotta thank australia for this guy!

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That’s the problem. I don’t understand jokes with slangs.

When people roll their eyes, what does that mean actually? I read it in articles in business magazine and story book. A cashier rolled her eyes when I asked her about the weather.

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ya great gallah :bird:

tinny, barby, dunny

in no particular order


tie me kangaroo down sport, tie me kangaroo down

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@Darksith, this made me laugh so hard!
Thank you for this, it made my night.


LOL, we replaced ours this summer, but the old stained and smelly one is out in the back for the cats…we don’t sit on it, and have a new suede sofa in the house that only cost $75 at a thrift store.

What you describe can also somewhat pass for American redneck or hillbilly… except it will be an American flag

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Pronounce Melbourne as Mel-bun, not Mel-born.

That’s all I know.

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