Style icons and eccentrics' in my local town

there is a lady with a mobile chair scooter who has a pet goat with jacket she takes to the shops on a lead…
then there is a lady in her seventies who is stuck in the eighties, she had a special ensemble on today, leggings and leg warmers and a low cut lace top with at least ten bead necklaces, silver lamai shoes with matching clutch purse…and i won’t mention the makeup and ’ BIG ’ hair…she is a sweetie though but a bit bonkers…
then there is the guy who just stares at you and goes into the bread shop and stands there and sniffs the bread…oh wait that’s me…
i love rural country australia…full of eccentrics and just a little bit scary.
take care


There’s a man from around my neighborhood that you would swear is homeless. He’s always wearing the most beat up and mismatched clothing, accessorized with whatever he’s found on the streets around town (women’s necklaces, a baby’s sun hat, a jump rope) and he is always high as I don’t know what. Sweetest soul you’ll ever meet, everytime he sees me he shouts, “HEY SIS!” And gives a big wave. According to the other characters on the street, he’s not homeless. Not that I wouldn’t love him the same if he was.

There’s a smoking hot guy across the street that likes to tell me he wants to hump my leg. It’s a shame really… such beauty wasted on a total TOOL.

There’s a group of older women who love to fawn over my son when we are walking home at night. I love it. They all dart from their perpetual cloud of cigarette smoke to come over and flirt with him and he just smiles and nuzzles his head into my chest.

Good thread. :smiley:


I’m surrounded by Diva’s where I live. They like

  • organic food
  • name brand clothes from the mall
  • Coach handbags ($600.00)
  • Styled hair
  • Starbucks frappes
  • Putting gas in their SUV’S in leggings

Any eccentrics would get run out town quite fast. :running:

The only odd person I saw was at WalMart. Was in the shampoo aisle and guess what I saw? A girl dressed in a Sailor Moon costume.


I’m in an odd little cove. There are a few style Icons here. We have a neighbor who is about 65 +, bright pink bubble gum hair color, wears leathers and will not give up her Harley motorcycle. Her husband is a 70 year old, sky blue haired jazz musician. They are both pretty cool.


I love spotting them! makes me realize the whole world isn’t a bunch of clones, LOL. I live in the rural Bible belt, so everyone dresses pretty much the same. Mostly very casual and sometimes dirty clothes as it is farm country. Nicer clothes are conservative.

So when I spot these people I think it’s cool.

There was one very similar to this in the library last year or maybe 2012

I spotted a couple like this walking down the main street last year…


cool , i love people who are different , they put the colour into the rainbows of life.
take care


beer , mullets and short shorts…classy…
take care

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