How to be a person...?

you should contact therapist to prescribe you meds
to calm your brain
then jump into socializing as much as you want to

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Packed in water or oil?

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Sometimes it’s good to send out an anti-social vibe, lol. When I worked at Kohl’s, every worker was required to work the cash register. But they never asked me. All the tough guys who I worked would be talking about mugging people and getting drunk and raising hell, but all those guys still had to work the cash register. Cept me. But, I still got stuck bagging merchandise which involved standing one foot next to the cashier and putting customers merchandise in bags. But dammit, I did it.


I’m like that too.
Even if I’m at home with my husband and my mum comes over an hour earlier than expected I can flip.
3 people in the room is too many
Other than groups for learning for some reason
But social day to day stuff is impossible

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socializing sucks to me, and i dont like it. i dont know if i do it right, but heres some things i do. not sure how to word this in a helpful way, so bear with me

i only talk when i have a coherent sentence to contribute, otherwise i just fumble. speak when you have something to say, dont speak to say something. i keep my eye contact on their neck or mouth area, and the nose if im feeling brave. eye contact with strangers shouldnt last more than 1 second, eye contact with trusted people can be longer. i tend to look towards the person speaking, or at the group as a whole so i can look towards anyone gasping to make a sentence (it makes them feel paid attention to, and can make a friend in the process, but this doesnt work with masks). hands go where youre comfy, pockets, folded, behind your back, no one really makes note of where your hands are so long as it isnt near or on them. if you want to jump into a conversation, check if what you want to say is related to the topic and thats about it. any input could be good input.

a key ive noticed to reducing the feeling of being socially awkward (whether or not this actually helps it) is feeling like youre a part of a group that people associate with a place and time that they contribute significance to (be it financial or other). your impact is important, even if it is seemingly little or incorrect.

hope this came out right and helps! have a splendid week and easy work days!


It’s been a while since I’ve spoken to my pdoc actually… But I don’t wanna go down the road of getting prescribed benzos as a PRN. I’ve read too many horror stories on here about people trying to ween themselves off of them.

Maybe there’s something else my pdoc can prescribe that might help.

Thanks @saynow.

Water, most definitely… With a nice spoonful of mayo :laughing:

Hey good on you for bagging merchandise even though it wasn’t your scene!

It’s tough with retail, since you kinda just go where they put you-- no questions asked.

Thanks @77nick77.

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Yea, even three people can for sure be overwhelming sometimes.

Good luck and thanks @Three.

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Wow, these are all helpful tips for sure @cookiecadet-- thank you!

You’re right-- with masks it just makes socializing harder since you cant really read certain cues in groups.

I’m gonna try your suggestions today at work.

Thanks again!

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