Work and social interactions


I need to be able to navigate social realms at work! As is, I’m so confused by normal interactions right now. It was one thing to fake being a normie at University–the classes were short and so I never had to keep on acting like permanently…8 to 5 jobs require a level of acting stamina I’m not used to.

My coworker goes “What’s wrong” every time I sigh. This is how I realized I sigh a ton. I also don’t get what people mean when they say things. Should I take it personally, how personally, how do I respond? Working has highlighted my social deficits. A coworker keeps mentioning going to the same gym, but do they mean that or is that just a polite thing to say and not something to act on? Another gets in trouble and tells me about it, how do I respond to them?

I was seeking help from a voc rehab specialist from my university, but was told to learn how to deal with “it” on my own. I had asked how to interpret someone’s behavior because I was afraid of messing up due to my social deficits. I wish there was a voc rehab person who could interpret people’s behavior for me and provide some kind of social training, but alas, there’s no one I’ve found like that.

I’m lonely at work and confused by how to interpret people’s actions, motivations, and behaviors. :frowning:

…but to not end on a sad note, guess who can afford monthly visits to the local sephora beauty stores!! There, I spend my little heart out in my momentary shopping state of euphoria! I got urban decay x kristen leanne eyeshadow palette yesterday and boom the colors are so pigmented and bold!


Someone close to me has this same issue, though she is on the spectrum…
She’s learned to mimic and act how she sees socially acceptable by watching others. Other times if she’s comfortable enough, she just acts herself and talks about serial killers, space, and other things that interest her. If coo workers respond well to her natural self she doesn’t feel the need to mimic and such, hope this helped at least a little.


Thank you!! I can’t be myself though, everyone here is Catholic and not big fans of true crime lol!!
I will try my best to mimic them so thank you!!

Just got told by a ticket to work lady to up my meds … Had to explain there’s no pill for negative symptoms. She never replied. Tired of educating voc rehab people about sz. They’ve never worked with one, likely bcuz we’re not likely to get a job in the first place.

Another was like get therapy. So now I’m asking dor go help pay for therapy since each visit would be fifty bucks minimum with my private insurance . They’re (DOR) debating it rn.

It’s hard being aloof yet peppy to my co-workers.
Thank you for replying!!


I wish I could offer some good advice.

My thing with “normal people” is to just keep it at the small talk level.

Like “how was your weekend?” Or “Yeah, pretty chilly out, huh?”

This is what I tried to do when I went to in person classes.

Wishing you well @HQuinn! :v:


That’s good advice!! Thank you I’ll try to be like hey how about that UFC fight and then wander off when they start asking personal questions! Just some are friendly it’s like a balancing act and I have terrible balance! Lol

I’ll think of some generic topics like movies, MMA, I don’t know my cat!! Thank youuu!!!


Oh I totally understand. People always want to talk to me about the weather in passing. And I’m like “Hey! How about biblical prophecy?!” Or Ancient civilizations hahaha.

Good luck though.

Once you find that delicate balance everything will work out okay.



I have the easiest solution. I’m just going to get a tattoo across my forehead that says, “Do not disturb. Or else”. I’m just trying to figure out what color it will be.


There are really no wrong responses. Your brain will tell you otherwise. As you become familiar with your co-workers, there will be less of a load to burden yourself with. I’ve seen the same people (co-workers) for almost three years now. At times I’m left out of the loop, sometimes I’m included. I give my input, try to answer with humor, intelligence and get back to work. Or you can direct the majority of your energy to doing a better job-- how can we do this better? What improvements can we make with the current process? I find keeping it about work shows discipline and a non-nonsense approach. Small talk is tough, even for normies!


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