How the loss of Asperger syndrome has lasting repercussions

In the end, it comes down to how much the diagnostic manuals should be just that - manuals for making accurate diagnoses, and how much they should be cultural tools (or tools for the pharmaceutical companies). If we’re serious about making accurate diagnostic descriptions, this was the right move. You can still use the term Asperger’s, but it’s not a distinct category, and this change reflects that.

From the looks of it, we’ll be going in a similar direction with schizophrenia, sza and bipolar eventually. The ICD has also done sonething similar with personality disorders (excluding BPD/EUPD for some reason).

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Judging from the hornet’s nest of controversy it has caused it would be premature to say that it was the right move . Part of that may indeed be the result of how people are assigned to the levels 1-3 and how that affects judgements at to how much support is needed.

I’d ,personally , be happier with the removal of Asperger’s if there was a better approach to how much help and support a person needs . Anyone who knows anything about the disparity between adaptive functioning and IQ knows that a judgement of how much support is needed based primarily on IQ is more than a little faulty .

Speaking purely in terms of making accurate diagnostic descriptions, it was the right move, and that’s why they changed it. But not everyone agrees that that is the most important criterion for making changes to the diagnostic manuals.

Whether it was right in terms of making accurate diagnostic descriptions is debatable , but it’s not something I feel strongly enough about to see it as a major/primary issue .

My greater concern is with how people are allocated to the levels, and how that impacts on the support that’s given . Sort that out and Asperger’s being removed is neither here nor there to me .

It’s pretty well-supported. There isn’t much controversy regarding this. The controversy is mainly from organizations and patients who feel this will negatively affect people who currently have or had the diagnosis, which is still a valid point. And the exact criteria that best describe and differentiate between people will always be up for debate.

As said it’s less important than how the way people are assigned to the levels affects the help and support that’s given .

The debate/matter of opinion is whether it’s regarded as distinct enough from autism to warrant its own diagnosis .

I believe services and supports will increase for people with Asperger’s syndrome now that they’re on the ASD. My reasoning is that people with Asperger’s syndrome used to be thought of as not significantly different in functioning than neurotypical people, hence not needing many supports and services.

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Most of thw autistics I know stopped using the term Aspergers long before the DSM. Their reasoning was that it drew an unfair distinction between themselves and other autistics and gave an unclear idea of how hard they worked to cope with their symptoms.

@anon17132524 An interesting POV. My situation changed prior to getting the Asperger’s dx . I’m regarded as being a ‘vulnerable’ person according to the care act 2014 . With regards to the current COVID-19 situation it’s meant both my stepdaughter and I have been phoned several times to ask if I need any help.

My stepdaughter is kept in the loop as to what’s going to be done . Without doubt she’s played a significant part in getting it recognised that I do actually have some difficulties .

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I was given permission to see my parents at the start of lockdown because I am apparently vulnerable, but I still wanted to live in my flat and not have to move back into their house.

If I had nothing like this in place I would have had a much rougher time with lockdown

Honestly don’t care whether people call me having aspergers or autism. It is just the name of the diagnosis. The same reason why I was never afraid or feel stigmatized and discriminated against when I am called schizophrenic.

We run in different crowds, every single one of the ones I know (in excess of 100 of them) refuse to use the new label. I don’t worry about it affecting my access to services as I’ve never had such a thing for this and don’t expect needing one. The only accomodation I ever received at work was having some light bulbs removed from my office because I can’t take bright light (my sunglasses look like they have welders glass, special order).

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I feel like that about losing my sz and potentially bp dx

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