‘They tried to wipe it out’: the problem with talking about Asperger’s


When I got diagnosed with autism the guy said to me not Asperger’s but classical

Not really looked it up

The diagnosis was late but I think it helps medical professionals to understand when we struggle with communication

One of my past psychiatrist said I was autistic. I talked about it to my actual doctor she agreed I saw my diagnosis written in paper and it said asperger’s syndrome.

I was ‘classical’ for social communication and 'Asperger’s ’ for social interaction . With that result you got dxed with Asperger’s.

I still call myself an Aspie. I don’t care who is offended by it. In fact, I enjoy it when people are offended.

I’m pretty sure I have something different with me developmentally/socially… but nobody ever diagnosed me with anything and when I brought it up to the head of my treatment team a decade ago, he dismissed it as a silly self-diagnosis. I got great grades growing up but hated eye contact and isolated a lot. Usually had one best friend and a couple of acquaintances and that’s it.

I’m pretty sure if I have something it’s high functioning. It seems to me like the asperger’s label would help distinguish between high and low functioning but these days all of them are grouped under the term autism spectrum disorder.

I got told by a professional in ASD I had autistic traits but I don’t think I do as everybody else says I don’t My support workers and friends. I just though that because she was a specialist she dianoigis everybody with ASD.

I can’t understand why people are so offended by it.

Autistic people get offended when Aspies try to sidestep the stigma, and some people just aren’t happy unless they’re unhappy.

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The thing that I have most trouble with is the control freak behaviour of an often self selected ‘Autistic elite’.

The reason why so many peopleare offended is because the name Asperger comes from a Nazi doctor that defined this level of autism. They really were just using it to find which ones were able to be put to some sort of use reliably.

Pretty gross.

Then give me a different, more acceptable name rather than lumping me in with a “spectrum” that actually carries MUCH more stigma. The unacceptable name has NEVER caused me any sort of issue other than with overly sensitive people.

(Note: Aspie is better than autistic when job hunting even with past associations with the name.)

The aspersions that have been cast on Hans Asperger’s reputation are selective, biased, and often inaccurate. This is unfair to his legacy, insensitive to his living relatives, and potentially devastating for the many people who take pride in calling themselves ‘Aspies’ (Falk and Schofield 2018).


The three levels of autism don’t work for me at all:

Level 1: Requires Support

Level 1 ASD is the mildest form of autism.

Oh? Exactly what support do I require? It’s the NTs around me who need support because I scoop their promotions and raises on them. This machine has, does, and will continue to eat neurotypicals.


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I personally can’t see why people who don’t see themselves as having any autism related difficulties, and indeed see themselves as doing well in life and not needing support,would seek a diagnosis in the first place.

I have a friend who self diagnosed her son and that can be really challenging because he really may be on the Spectrum but there’s no way to know exactly what’s going on without a doctor

I didn’t - I got the label without asking for it. However, it explained a LOT of my life once I realized what was going on.

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