5 Types of Aspergers


It’s like the Myers-Briggs for spergs.

So it’s like a personality test that should never be used for anything, but for a diagnosis that got removed because of insufficient scientific evidence that it was categorically distinct. Sounds legit.

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Theres a lot of criticism in the community about the term. Some say it was named after a nazi so ahouldnt be used. And that it was used to suggest those with it are better than classical autistics.

Another self proclaimed ‘expert’ ! :roll_eyes: I don’t fit any of those so called ‘groups’


I find it hard to believe, it’s way to vague to be scientific. At one time or another I’ve embodied at least one characteristic from all five “types”. And the subject of aspergers or autism has never been brought up for me.

I don’t like it.

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Well, it is a blog post and she says it’s unscientific (if you read the beginning part). I feel like I’ve fit into a couple types over the years.

Here’s the difference:

“I have Asperger’s Syndrome.”
“Oh, that’s cool, you’re like Bill Gates!”


“I’m on the autism spectrum.”
“Oh, you’re like Rain Man. I bet living in an institution sucks, huh?”

It’s much nicer to be compared to Bill Gates.



Kind of like the difference between

I’m bipolar!

Oh cool, like dozens of famous artists?


I’m schizoaffective

Oh Then you better get sterilized you danger to society!


Whether Asperger’s should have remained in the DSM 5 is a very contentious subject . @anon9798425 why do you say it’s not ‘categorically distinct’ ? @ozymandias On what basis should Asperger’s have remained as a diagnosis ?

On the basis of, “because I say so.”

(Look, it works for my wife, so why can’t I also have a slice of that pie?)


That’s the rationale for removing it. It is continuous with autism, not a distinct category.

I am the complete opposite of aspergers. If there is one thing I can’t be called it is autistic. Nothing against those who are on the spectrum though.

I agree with the decision to remove it from the diagnostic criteria, as the result is probably a more accurate representation of reality.

So you don’t have a strong reason why it should have remained as a diagnosis .

Mainly that it was a diagnosis that was relatively free of stigma. Now I’ve got a new label that adds stigma to the large pile I already had (alcoholic, SZ, overweight). I try to ignore stigma, but it exists.


That’s a good point about the stigma. I think a lot of people still see things in terms of people who were often put in institutions , and a lot less able to function than you.

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I couldn’t pull up the article but my aunt says she figures my daughter might have it.

Can anyone explain this? My daughter when she was in elementary school. Well, we’d be in a grocery store and she’d start barking. Literally barking and she sounded exactly like a dog. True story. She barked at her soccer games too when she wasn’t on the field.

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Asperger’s tends to be more associated with dot-com millionaires from what I’ve seen.


I think it’s important to see the difference between severe and moderate Aspergers to Mild Aspergers. I most likely wouldn’t qualify for an ASD diagnosis now from what my doctors were saying. Not everyone can be a dot-com millionaire and not everyone is rain man.

I still struggle though.

If you would have qualified for asperger’s then you have ASD as theh have combined and removed the aspergers label.

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Are you sure? Because my symptoms are not that severe…I barely passed the Aspergers test when it was in the DSM-4.

Edit: I looked it up. I guess you are right.