How tf did I get here?

Seriously, how did I manage to get here? Having sz and everything. Sometimes I feel like just going into the woods and hang myself.

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It can get better and does for many.


That sounds like something someone who is seriously fed up would say. Did something happen?

Yes, I am kinda fed up. Life is a struggle sometimes. And I’m afraid it’s going to get worse, but I hope not. Just gotta stay positive I guess, although it can be hard. These meds I’m on doesn’t help either, they make it impossible to fully relax. Maybe I will change meds, I dunno.


It’s tempting to just kill myself though, just end it.

Why does this ■■■■ disease even exist.

I’m having a bad day today, I wish I was never born, and this disorder sucks.

I understand where you are coming from.

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I know it’s hard, but killing yourself isn’t a good option man. It’s permanent, your mood right now is temporary. There’s better days ahead.


I never thought I would end up in this position I was always healthy and could make my own money. I’ve managed to only have a few suicidal thoughts. I couldn’t help but think about following the other person that jumped off the bridge. Nothing too serious thankfully. I’m pretty sure my house is bugged and my cell phone has spyware on it. People used to harass me a lot around the neighborhood. It still happens once in a while. I feel like a reality tv actor it can be stressful. At least some young girls are talking about perfume around me.

My parents wanted me. That’s all I know.

try to keep your head up… hanging yourself is not the solution… things might get better still.

I’ve had schizophrenia 40 years. That’s 2/3 of my life. Pixel is right, it can get better and as you can see on these boards, many people do many varied activities from going to college to working to traveling etc. I’ll just say, keep going and take your medication. You are going to have bad days. Or bad months. That’s par for the course. I have them all the time but it just makes the good days so much sweeter. And good days happen.
You have a chance to get better. Just don’t self-sabotage yourself by taking drugs or other self-destructive behavior.
None of us asked for this disease; but you just make the best of it.


I woke up 1 day or maybe a few days schizophrenic back around August 2011 and never been the same. Can’t remember much around that time sort of gone or foggy or just dissociated and confusing. Then I keep spawning back in time going to different universes or experiencing simulataneous existences or lives or what not. It’s confusing. Feels multi- or inter-dimensional. Been stuck in the year 2013 for eternity just reseting back in time along with the universe for billions of years or times.

Take care of yourself @magz! It will be alright!

The disease can be very complicated when delusions become involved.
Depression really sucks.

Life, for a schizophrenic, can have bad days, and that’s what I think you’re going through.
However, there is depression, and then there is suicidal thoughts.

I would try and find some help, if your depression evolves into suicidal thoughts.
Call someone, email someone, drive to a hospital.

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