How smart baby were you?

(it’s not me, just a random photo from Google)

I had to ask my mom to get information on this one…I said my first word when I was 4 months, it was me trying to tell my parents that I need to use the potty :stuck_out_tongue: . At 9 months I was talking, a month later I walked, before starting to go to school I used to make up songs and record them on my own (I still have them until now, they are horrible), I went a year ahead to school, I didn’t follow the music career though :wink:
It’s not a general scale that how smart a baby is; to measure how smart they become when they grow up, Einstein for example, didn’t start talking until he reached four years…this is just for fun question.

Great topic. When I was a baby my parents always said I had a huge fascination with numbers. Learned my math really quick. I was only in elementary just starting and I was in honors math all yhe way through school and I tutored as well. Other than math and reading I picked up other things kind of slow. I wasnt potty trained until 4 yrs old.

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I don’t know how smart I was but I was told I was persistent - not giving up on something until I finally accomplished it. I have a picture of me trying to stand on my head as a baby. I never mastered that one.

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obviously not that smart, i didn’t run fast enough away from my parents, damn podgy baby legs would not work !
take care

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I don’t remember how smart I was when I was a baby but during my adolescence I been very street smart than education wise. I am still considered smart by others, but my quick thinking mind is blocked by the med I am taking. I was so analytical thinker that I went into business and bought 2 houses pay off. now afraid of going into any type of money making business in fear of going into psychosis, due to stress and challenge.

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I don’t know about smart. I said hi when i was 6 months old and I remember deciding to say it to see what happened. They looked at me and it scared me so much I didn’t talk again for a long time. What’s neat is I remember being in the womb and being born also being three days old. I remember my whole life. I am an artist, with three years of art college and I am also a journeyman (journeywoman?) welder. Also Einstein had aspergers syndrome. He could not read a clock or tie his shoes.

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I do have memories as well from a little age. I remember an indecent happened when I was so little, less than a year old, I can tell details of that indecent that my parents never told me about, and also remember I had paranoia when I was sleeping in my baby’s crib ! and my parents verify my story that I didn’t like sleeping in it…
By the way Einstein’s son “Eduard Einstein” had schizophrenia, I do believe that Albert Einstein had schizophrenia too because of the huge similarities between autism and schizophrenia, especially in kids.

i just remember that I was a smart kid. it’s a confusion of memories by me.

to this day I try to recapture the magic of my childhood before the “break.”

especially I am fond of the memories of my family being together and celebrating being alive (the adults were all holocaust survivors).

it was a glorious time.



I don’t know if I was a smart baby. I was told I was a hyper baby and into everything and a bit of an escape artist. Child proof locks, baby gates… not a problem. I was also told I was bit a showman. I guess I thought a cute smile could fix any problem I was in.

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When I was two years old I got separated from my parents in the grocery store we frequented. It was near out home in Denver so we often walked there. This particular time I found myslef holding a stranger’s hand instead o my moms…I looked for them and when I didn’t find them thought they’d left without me. I didn’t cry…I just went outside and walked home. Sat on the porch and waited for them to show up. Meanwhile my parents had called the cops…the store and surrounding neighbor hoods were searched. Finally the cops told me parents to go home and if they had any news they would call.

My parents drove home…and there I was, on the porch, hungry for dinner. I didn’t understand why my mom was crying but my dad told me I was smart to go home.


That’s interesting because my son has autism. I heard there might be some similar genes. Mom thinks I have aspergers too.

not smart/strong enough i think. i could end it there as well.

Why would u think that?

It is weird though!
I just read the aspergers symptoms and found that I had all the symptoms! I had SZ when I was 10, and I started to get them, the weird walk, the little vocabulary that I used, the inability to look into someone’s eye, the isolation, plus the SZ symptoms…I don’t behave that way now but I took years to get normal…and I wasn’t able to express my feelings or what I was suffering from to my parents…could it be, that your son have SZ, not aspergers syndrome?

I was dumb, cracked my skull open several times actually.

But i was smart and could do different things, like memorize six weeks worth of geometry in a week or two, i moved to texas because of the air force and they made me catch up, so i had to take one test to decide my grade for an entire block.

I was both, a wondrous combination of dumb and smart, all rolled into one.

Now though, the pills have destroyed me and all of that is gone.

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I dont really know, but I was a scientist of a little kid! I was obsessed with dinosaurs, knew their latin names and was very scientific minded in preschool. I was into dinosaurs and outer space, and I learned to read and do addition and subtraction at 5.

There’s a home video of me laughing while taking my first steps at about one year old.

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pansdisease, have faith the pills will help you. it just reorganizes a bit the brain so you’re using it in a new way and it takes getting used to.

fret not, the pills are a blessing.


They are killing me.

I am getting very sick now, purple feet and burning stomach and a chopped up mind taboot!

Im done i think.

Murdered by spirits, i can’t believe it.

If you are noticing that the meds are not good for u then why not try to cut them out? you can talk to your psychiatrist and reduce them until your medication free, I don’t take medication and I’m okay. There is always a better way to live. Have faith and cheer up pansdisease.

It’s to painful without meds.

Last time i quit them i ended up cross country seeing a “god” appear. It was pan.

When i don’t take them i also quit sleeping.

I have to have to them but i don’t want them, they make me sick but i would be even sicker without them and probably end up across country or wandering the cities seeing ghosts and gods and crazy shyte.