How often do you IMAGINE

I am wondering when i imagine a lot, would that be a symptom of mental illness. Thats how i get funny ideas, i imagine a scene or talking with a person and telling a funny idea…and than on that imagination i laugh at inappropriate places. I am imagining a lot especially when i am alone. I cant control it, i just go into imagination all of a sudden and its happening a lot.

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I did that a lot when I lived alone. I don’t think people do that well alone. Have you ever thought of group living?


When I imagine too much - it seems like I haven’t been getting enough social input. I try to I listen to the radio or TV or read. Something interesting - not just sound to keep me company.

I live with my parents, imagining at home it doesn’t bother me that much, i feel shy when i do it in public and i laugh on my imagination.

How old are you? Sometimes one can learn a lot mixing with different people even if you are uncomfortable. I’m in a group home now but I still have my hiding place, my room.

I’m pretty sure I imagine more than not. Sometimes gets me into trouble, but it’s worth it.

All I have to say is, be careful of imagination sometime it can turn into delusion.

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Often when I’m decorating my room. Otherwise, it’s very seldom compared to before until I learned that too much imagination is not realistic but is autistic type of thinking. You need to act more.

I am 35, when i am with friends i don’t wonder around, most of the imagination happens when i am alone.

What is stopping you from gearing your mental energy into some activity?

I do have activities, but when negative none buzzer imaginations pops up, sometimes i don’t differentiate between false and real.

I’ve always been a daydreamer. It has been both my saviour and my undoing. Some of my best and worst iideas have come from my imagination. It has got me into trouble and solved some pretty radical problems. The hard part is putting the good ideas into practice but I’m working on it

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i think this is the best thread i’ve ever read.i imagine a lot.thank you everyone.

I did this when I was a kid and sometimes still do it while lying in bed. I imagine bizarre situations and I laugh to myself about them. I remember doing this is grade school and the teacher would be all like “what are you laughing at?” and I would just say “I just thought of something funny”

Could be a symptom. We both have it and we both have schizophrenia, so I dunno, maybe it is related to schizophrenia.

But I try to keep my mind occupied. I am a full time student and I try to make all A’s (I succeeded in doing so last semester) and I go to a powerlifting gym and literally work my ass off three times a week, so I don’t really let myself be idle enough to do that anymore. When I do have free time, I try to be around people, or I just torrent something and watch it and get on these forums and talk to friends out of town on facebook. I also have pets, cats and dogs. I just dont trust myself to be alone with my head.

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I imagine telling people off when needed.

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:boom: Right there… exactly. And then delusions amp up the hallucinations and then it tries to become a false memory.

I try to fight it, but I still sometimes get lost in imagining.