How often do you have an episode?

That’s what Seattle PD says as well. I wasn’t alive during his reign, but my parents were. They said it felt like there was a different missing poster up in the Seattle Times almost every other week. It was always commented on that he was so amazingly charming and friendly. Some people who met him commented that even though they knew better, he could really pull of that “sweet boy next door” thing.

my most recent psychotic episode, at least really bad one, was in october. It had lasted for five days at least, and I feel as though another one is coming on, I am getting really paranoid…

Is there anyway to sort of get away from what is making you feel that it’s coming? Are you getting upset from something in school or friends?

Do you think it might be coming on due to stress or cold?

You should listen to J. There is something that is triggering this and you need to figure it. Try thinking back to when your thinking changed and see what changed. If you figure it out then you might be able to see the problem before it grows worse.

Just remember your safe, These around you are around you because they love you. And you don’t know what’s imposable to know :slight_smile:

I don’t know. I’ve tried praying, I have tried singing a hymn…And there is hardly ever really a CAUSE, per se…Well, aside from my dad. I feel like he is helping cause it. The voices tell me to hurt him, and I see him dead at my feet a lot. I’m starting to get scared.

I’m sorry to say, I don’t want to upset or cause anger, but it sounds like your dad might be triggering some of the stress?

I’m personally not much of a religious person and I’ve never been able to take it when people tell me to just “pray illness away”. The idea of “Oh your sick? pray harder!” has fallen flat with me personally. I’ve never been able to turn to that. It might work well for others.

I know that not everyone is into meds, and that is fine. But there is nothing wrong with an emergency appointment with a school councilor or a therapist. Someone immediate to talk to and there are lots of therapies that help with this. Relaxation techniques, stress management, setting up some alone time to get your mind off stuff. Meditation, Family advice councilors, help lines… There are a lot of things other the meds.

Do you get to take some time away from your dad? Maybe a walk or a hobby that you enjoy for you. Some form of release that has nothing to do with your Dad?

It is extremely cold here now, so walking is out of the question…The only times I really get to stay away from my dad is when he is asleep or I’m sleeping. The meds are helping with my self-control better, so that I DON’T hurt him. But they are not really helping too much with my hallucinations…And J, I am not angry at you :smile:

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Hi, psychoticteen I was wondering what kind of delusion you get about your family or your dad, I have a delusion about my parents too where I believe that they are being replaced by some other people, evil people, and I can see that in their eyes and faces, only when I’m psychotic…and I was wondering what kind of delusion that cause you to feel that you’ll hurt your family ?

i never really thought about that, actually…btu soemetimes i feel as though my father isnt my father and that i never had a father…

i had an big episode for i think a month from what i can remember.
and with big i mean i couldnt write on a forum i was lost, only indeed fragments from those moments
come to me these days. it was like getting a blackout and getting feed back from it
yet i had episodes before and they where mild in terms of time span. they only lasted a day or hours on max.

today i have the continuation of the pschychoses some days heavy/mild only i feel it is somewhat under control as long i take my medication.

I’ve had the same delusion about my parents. I believe that there were being replaced by people who look just like them and they were very bad, but thankfully I have found out that it is not true.

I once thought everybody could read my mind. I’m afraid of the dark because every time I get out of bed there’s a frightening little girl walking toward me from the kitchen.A few month ago I began to think that I was adopted because the real me had been cannibalized at two years old. That was a result of a recurring dream since I was six in which we were driving down the road one rainy night where we arrived at a fork, then my brother and I and some mysterious little girl were killed and eaten. I really hate nightmares.