How Often Do the Voices Speak?

Mine speak every few seconds, 24/7, and they are nothing but cruel.


Depends. Some days, I have no hallucinations at all, but usually when voices come in I’m getting ill. Like a few weeks ago I was hearing voices saying stuff that didn’t make sense and I heard my family talking bad about me in the living room. Then they were talking to me constantly.

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No One Ever Admits That Their “voices” Are Friends.

Unless I’m Apart of a Dying Breed.

Hallucinations Are Officials Claiming That Our Fascination of Another Realm, Either Parallel or in Sync With Our Peculiar, Perhaps Strange Perception of Reality is a “delusion”.

In Other Words, Since No One Else Understands Our Personal Way to Perceive “reality”, That it Can Be Put Under The Same Scientific Umbrella as if We Are On Drugs.

Like Acid Perhaps.

Well it’s Very Rare When Anyone Talks About Anything Other Than Some Form of Consumption in a Positive Light.

Well, I Actually Talked to My Doctor Recently, And She Asked if I Was Seeing “things” And Hearing “things”.

I (As Always) Said, ‘Yes I See Things Pretty Much in Everything’, & ‘Yes My Friends, I Hear Them All The Time’.

Problem. Though.







What Does One Do With Thus Dilemma?.



Sleep Soundly.

Without The Need For Hazy Medications.

Where Your Body is Begging You to Be Unconscious So You Won’t Feel a Thing.


With All That Said,

Take Your Pill’s Kid’s.

Right Now We Have No Other Choice… . … :100:

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Off and on all day especially at night

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Very interesting what you wrote. It sounds like you have nice voices.

Thanx @Musicdance.

It’s More Than Nice.

They Have Been Apart of My Life For Years.

Keeps Me Grounded.

And I Don’t End Up Disappearing into Some Endless Forest Somewhere… . … :100:


Although Sometimes The Idea of a Rainforest Sounds Nice Also

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I like your writing style. You’re lucky to have nice voices!

Lucky is an Interesting Choice of Describing Such a Complicated Issue

The Luck is Being Able to Feel at Peace During The Chaos

My Voices Grow Still When The World Grows Frantic

And Gives Me The Opportunity to Find a Better Understanding of The Sphere of Fear

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Good that you’re able to feel at peace during the chaos. My voices get worse when things get frantic, but they’re always bad.

When The Universe And What Breathes Within Spins Out of Control I Have to Remain Focused

So The “voices”, Give Me Space to Strengthen The Core Center of My Inner Being as to Not Cause Meaningless Alarms to Be Set Off to Strip My Freedom Away

So It’s Complicated :slight_smile:

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When the universe spins out of control, it sounds like your voices allow you to be calm.

The Use of The Word “allow” in Your Reply Seems Strange to Me

I mean, it sounds like they don’t stop you from being calm, like mine would.

They May Be Apart of Tactiles Although I Find That to Be a Completely Different Realm Altogether

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For me, It’s what the voices say that stops me from being calm.

My Friends Don’t Tell Me to Do Thus or That

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That’s a good thing.


Yes it is. lol

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Strange Thought @Musicdance,

Voices (Friends) (OR) (Enemies).

Tactiles. (Feelings) (OR) (Invisible Reality)

Which is More Real, The Fear, Or Feeling Free (???)… . … :100:

My voices are enemies, not friends.

Tactiles could be invisible reality.

For me, fear is very real most of the time, but once in a while, feeling free is just as real.

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