How much to take

Hi guys ive become a bit hooked on clozepam lately.

Im taking about 5 mg a day is that fine for anxiety. its 2 and half pills.

I am trying to stop them but they extremely easy to get.

Any advice on how to get off em and replace them with something simmilar please

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Oh man that’s not good!!! I take .5 a day for the past 4 months…and 1.0 per day the 3 years before that!!! I’m lucky I don’t take much clonazepam!!! It works like a charm for me. I dunno you gotta ask your doctor about getting off them. Sometimes you check yourself into detox. Gabapentin is worth a try if you have trouble not abusing klonopin!

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5mg a day is too much. You need to talk to your doctor about tapering down/off it if you want to quit.

I was only on 0.5mg a day and I had a tough time coming off it. You have to taper down really slowly.

I just use l-theanine now. But that’s after I successfully tapered off cloneazepam which took about 6 months.

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oh jesus man. just checking is it the same as Rivotril. they come in 2 mg pills

i take a pill in the morning half in the afternoon and one right now before i go to bed.

here comes worry

the doctors also gave me tranqiupam i think thats what must be taken in 0.5 mg. does it sound familiar

Clonazepam is really strong man. I was on a lot at one time. I can’t remember a two week period of my life because of it.

ive been prescribed 2 mg from a gp infact 2 of them for a day to help with the abilify as it doesnt seem to be working but ive been taking more. im going to see doc next week think i must change its not right. ive just been taking abit more to help the hallucinations. i didnt go in as she wanted me to so ive been doing it on my own. she hasnt been monitoring. the stuff isnt good.

I took ativan for a while. I hate that stuff.

is this the same as tranqipam ( ativan )

It’s a very human thing to take meds which make us feel better. Is just the potential addictive nature of benzos which can be problematic. Discuss them with your doc. I’m sure you’ll work something out.


Looks like it.

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thanks jimbo i smsd her already

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