How much seroquel for sleep?

I found a box containing Seroquel. As I remember it, you can take it at lower doses for sleep.

I just took 100mg.

How much is needed for sleep?

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The usual recommended starting dosage of Seroquel for insomnia is 25 mg once daily at bedtime. The dosage may be increased by 25-50 mg per day every 3-7 days, as needed and tolerated. The maximum recommended dosage is usually 300-400 mg per day. However, some people may need higher dosages to achieve the desired effect.

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200 mg works the best for me. 400 mg if needed for mania/psychosis.

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Ok, I’ll try 25-50mg tomorrow. But I have to split the pills. They came in 100mg pills!

Thank you guys!

Anything past 300mg will knock me out. But i been on quetiapine donkeys years.

100mg in the mornings dont touch the sides.

That’s what they gave me for sleep one night.

Well I have returner from my attempt to get admitted to the mental ward. I must say that I think that the mental system is closely linked to the criminal justice system in Denmark so if you do not commit any crimes you won’t get admitted to a mental hospital. So what is mental hospitals in Denmark. They are big mental prisons.
Now why had I insomnia for 3 days. Because the Doctor had put me on a large dose of 900 mgs Seroquel. So I went down to a dose of 600 mgs0 of seroquel and slept like a baby for 13 hours after 3 days of no sleep.

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Ruddy hell. Thats a stonking dose. Normally round here your in a hospital on that kind of dose. Surprised you woke up lol.

Here in my country the slogan is “stay ruff. stay tuff” cause you’ll get no help from the mental system

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