Seroquel - what do you think about?

What do you think about seroquel in dosage 100 mg? is it possible to learn on that dosage?and be effective?

100 mg is a very low dose. I am on 600 mg Seroquel and 10 mg Zyprexa and have no problem learning things.

100 mg of seroquel can be an effective dose if you are really sensitive to it. I started on a dose of 150mg 15 years ago and it worked for me for awhile, now I am up to 800.

I’m on 300 mg. Can’t sleep without it.

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I’m at 800 mg, and I don’t really notice it. Some people are more sensitive to it, though.

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I can’t remember how I was like when I was on 100 mg, but I’ll contribute once I’m able to do so. Like the others are saying, 100 mg is a pretty low dose, but it can still help you if you are sensitive to it. I’m on 400 mg.[quote=“Comatose, post:4, topic:44027, full:true”]
I’m on 300 mg. Can’t sleep without it.

Me either, Comatose.

What do I think about seroquel
Ok I think it he,so me to go to sleep
I think that is no small thing I used to have insomnia
That was a whole new pure hell.
I think that’s why I used to drink so in a way taking seroquel stopped me relying on alcohol.
It has however dulled my spark a bit.
But it’s a pay off.
Seroquel isn’t ideal.
I wouldn’t recommend it,
But to a schizophrenic I probably would.

My brother is on 275mg of Seroquel. He doesn’t take it for his paranoia. It helps with his secondary depression and mood disorder.

Seroquel made me gain 40ibs quick. I slept too much. 400mgs

I took 100mg for 2 months but I slept way to long and hard so I had to get off of it as it was impeding on the rest of my life. Everyone is different thoigh. I have heard of people on 1200mg so I would recommend trying it for a while.

Am on 600mg - with 150mg morning, 150mg afternoon and 300mg at night.

I titrated up to this dose over quite a long time. It can be a big sedator hence me splitting my morning/afternoon dose. I like seroquel as an add on med - but don’t think it would be enough on its own.