How much oatmeal should I eat every day?

Is one of these a good amount for breakfast?

I just want to get the healthy benefits of fiber into my daily feeding so that my bathroom visits are nice and solid. Not doing the oatmeal diet, though. Just want to get something appetizing instead of this nightmare:

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Oatmeal lowers cholesterol a lot. This is usually a good thing,but one time my autistic husband got on an oatmeal kick and had it for every meal for a month. When he got his bloodwork done that month, his HDL cholesterol was dangerously low,and the doctor told him he needed to eat some cheeseburgers quick.


‘Two baconators stat!’


Usually, it’s one serving per day. So a half cup dry, which is 1 cup cooked


you should get in the habit of doing what i do, mix oat bran and wheat bran with your oatmeal. oat bran is high in soluble fiber and wheat bran, insoluble fiber. good for heart health and diabetes and keeping you regular and such. oat bran also has a lot of protein. these are all natural, beats those supplements and such. those bran things are like oatmeal, just healthier. but if you want ‘whole grain’ you want oats from oat meal too in addition to bran, that way you get all the parts of the seeds and edible part of the plant. oat meal isn’t technically whole grain by itself.

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About a gallon I would say. Better safe than sorry.


You should eat all the oatmeals

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A large bowl of oatmeal maybe 3x a week would suffice.

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I’m not judging…but you eat out of a dog dish?


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