How much money you got in the bank?

how much money you got in the bank?

Exactly one cent.


better than noting


83 cents is all I have left in the bank soon to be negative with some things coming out tomorrow,

how much money you got broseph?

We have enough to function and pay bills for about 7 months if we were to both lose our jobs. We also have about 3 months of non-perishable food, a month of drinking water, and about 200 L of fuel in the shed.


@velociraptor that is a lot of money !! I knew you were well off but man, that’s great !! I said I didn’t like you anymore, I take it back. You do the best with what you know and I respect that. No wonder you have such adamant views when your life is so abundant !

@velociraptor I bet it took careful planning to get all those things, way to go.

Just enough for myself and my needs. I can’t contribute to charities or loan money to others. The money is simply not there.

We’re solidly Canadian Middle Class in terms of income right now with both my wife and I working. Rich? Not really. I buy my clothes at thrift stores. The jeans I’m wearing right now cost $3. The t-shirt I’m wearing cost $1. We don’t drink, smoke, or use illicit substances. We hardly ever eat out at restaurants because we can have better food for less at home. We clip coupons for brand name items we use regularly. We buy a lot of generic products. We constantly shop sales.

We purchased both of our vehicles used, for cash. Neither has replacement insurance, just the basic liability insurance, which saves us over $1000/yr.

And we save save save. I’m a big believer in it. Spending a winter homeless will do that to you. I’ve still got some debt I’m dealing with, but we got the interest down and its manageable. If some bad crap happens, we’ll have the resources to deal with it.


I’m also a walking personality disorder, so there’s that. We’ve had some really tough, really crappy times. We save so that the next time everything goes to hell we won’t have to put food on a credit card or take a payday loan. Means we spend our summer vacation camping in a tent locally on the cheap while looking at exotic pics our friends are posting from Mexico. They put their trips on their credit cards and live paycheque to paycheque.


I try not to talk about money too much. It usually causes jealousy or indifference or competition from one party or an other

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about 10 bucks, the rest was spent.

Nothing.i just bought new phone and my money gone.i also paying my brother credit.also me and my wife getting help to study one poor talented boy because his family is so poor that can not afford paying art school.he is just 13 years old but his paint are like crazy.i think he is gonna be important artist at turkey.but if we werent help that talented boy his father used to give him awful technical he is very lucky.

This is one of his paintings.this the picture of his family house.did you noticed how poor their house is. :frowning:


I keep my money buried in a jar in my back yard. But seriously, I just found out that I inherited a small share in a natural gas well from my mother. My brother tells me it’s not much, only about one or two thousand a year. He wants to stick it in the bank for me, but I am wondering about that rule that we can’t have over two-thousand dollars in our possession. I might have to spend that money on myself, darn it. That amount of money would be very meaningful to me.


I have a few thousand saved up from when I was able to work. I also live off of my family, so it was easy to save

I 'ma bankrupt…:alien:

I’m just a week and a half away from paying off the last of my debt. Then I will be saving :slight_smile:


Just enough for each day- hallelujah! :blush:

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Maybe not as much as you make on the dogs -