How much mg abilify do people usually take?

My doctor has me take 15 mg. Is this a common amount? How much do you take ?

I feel pretty tired on it, and fall asleep easily. Strangely, I always wake up four-five hours after I fall asleep, and cant fall back to sleep. Maybe abilify makes me absorb sleep faster ? So now i dont have to sleep as much as normal people !

I’m at 10mg, and I sleep a lot to

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On 5mg but I have a different diagnosis

I take 10mg. I don’t have any sleep problems. If you’ve just started taking it, then give it some time.

I don’t take it anymore, but I used to take 20mg. And there’s no such thing as absorbing sleep faster.

I’m on 30mg Abilify. It doesn’t make me all that sleepy. I was on a lower dosage before when I was also taking Seroquel XR but I’m not on that anymore.

I was up to 30mg when I was on it. Started at 10 and worked my way up over time.

I take 20 MG. I don’t have any sleep problems.

I took Abilify at different doses.
My psychiatrist at the time started me on 15mg.
That was too much at the time for me to start with.

15mg is a good solid dose.
10mg and higher is for psychosis control.

The highest dose I’ve been on was 27mg for a short while.
I remained on 15mg and then 20mg the longest.

There is no usual dose.

I was on 10 mg and could barely if at all tolerate that. My therapist wanted me up on 15 mg and I just didn’t want anything to do with it.

I was on 30mg for about a month, but it didn’t work for me and I had a relapse and been on Latuda for about 2 years now at 111mg.

I don’t think the doses are massively important compared to how the med itself works for you. It didn’t work for me, but luckily there are other options.

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I was on 30mg when I was taking it. Didn’t make me sleepy or tired, but did give me really bad akathisia

10 Mg of injection right now - might increase? my doc thinks i should decrease.