Can’t sleep on abilify

I recently had my psychiatrist increase my dose of abilify from 5mg to 15mg and I can’t sleep!!! Not at night not thru the day it’s driving me crazy…
Did anyone else have this problem?

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Yeah, its this weird feeling of being tired but excited at the same time. I had to learn to just close my eyes and lay still. Eventually i would fall asleep but only for a few hours at a time. I take the tylenol sleeping pills when it gets too annoying.

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Talk to your doc. You need sleep.

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I had this same problem when my pdoc upped me from 10 mg to 15 and then 20. It went away for me after a couple weeks. Can you hold out that long or is it some affecting your ability to function too much?

Abilify is very activating and pdoc usually tell patients to take it in the morning to reduce sleep problems.