Has makeup gone too far?

Seems like makeup has evolved a lot since I started wearing it.

Of course it has, I’m old.

But the point is,

Kids seem to be wearing sooo much more makeup than we did.

With the trend of contouring and highlighting,

Overdrawn lips, etc…

Is that just being dishonest about what you look like or fun?

Has makeup become more of an art and I’m just not tuned in?

I’ve just been watching some makeup tutorials and wondering, why look so different?

That said, when I wear makeup, I do wear a lot.

But I don’t have drag queen level skill like the young people seem to.

Is it just me or has makeup changed?

How do you feel about it?


I think the less makeup the better

My brothers girlfriend wears very little makeup and she looks beautiful


I have a couple girl relatives who literally spend hours during the day reapplying makeup even when not going out. It’s a little bit much I feel. Like, your cat doesn’t care that much……


I think it’s the selfies.

Selfie culture has encouraged more makeup.


I think it varies, per person. Some people might like it because it’s an art form to them. Like magic, I guess, being able to manipulate your face with makeup.

Some people might just think it’s fun to “play” with.

Other people might be doing it because they’re insecure about themselves, so they’re trying to look different than they really are.

Some people like to enhance their natural beauty, while other people want a new identity, so to speak. Like, some people try to enhance what they already have, and other people try to cover up their imperfections. Or even a mix of both.


My gf does the semi permanent make up. Its not heavy. Just eyeliner and lip color. She doesnt want to spend time doing makeup so she said if i pay for the semi permanent she will do :sweat_smile:.
Just does a touch up once a year.


My sister does semi permanent makeup too.

It looks nice.


Yea, peeps are wearing a lot more products and in different applications like contouring and highlight, as you mentioned. That shiit used to just be for movies and drag, but now it’s a commonplace part of the everyday face.

The Internet and certain apps have loads of tutorials, whereas maybe in our generation we were left to our own devices with Seventeen and Cosmo magazine— now peeps can see application in real-time so it’s more technique rather than simply the products used and “pray it comes out okay.”

Some of today’s looks and styles are alright, but it’s all just blatant riffs on what’s been done before these days. I can appreciate the artistry and spin on classic looks from back in the day, though.

Makeup is constantly evolving, and it’s really reached a zenith as far as interest amongst all genders and age groups. I think selfie culture and social media really changed the game— it made peeps wanna look their best and curate some image of perfection and put-togetherness.

Best face forward, I guess :sweat_smile:.


I think there’s a big difference between highlighting one’s beauty, and looking like the clown from IT. I’m all for makeup, but I do think the younger generation emphasizes it a lot. But then again, I don’t wear makeup often, I look like a bag without it, and I don’t care….lol


I think it’s different but it’s fun and amazing we get to be who we feel if we want I really like it


That and my cousin owns a hair salon that specializes in coloring. Her work is amazing but wtf would anyone spend the fees she charges. She does well though.

I find those TV shows where people turn themselves into living dolls interesting.

I can’t contour.

I watched a YouTube tutorial but when I tried it looked ridiculous and not good.

I gave up on learning how to contour.

I’m not the best at makeup but I am simple with it.

I’ve watched tutorials but it seems so difficult to me and i can’t do it like they can.

Definitely can’t apply false lashes.

Most days I go without makeup and the days I wear makeup it’s not difficult stuff I do.

I in a way wish i could contour because I’ve seen amazing transformation.
But I can’t n maybe it’s too much time effort n work .

Viktoria Beckham inspired me to wax my eyebrows.they are bushy and wild now.

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I think its right to say it hasnt.

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