How much haldol are you on?


I was on less than .5 for over 5 or 6 years. Now I’m going up to 1-1.5.

How much do you take?


I take 5 mgs. I don’t like it.


1mg. It is too little to keep the paranoia away, but I dont want to become even more of a numb, drugged zombi.


14-18mg depending on how I feel. I take 14 then have a prn for more if I need it. I usually do, but more than 16 makes me really sleepy, so I try not to take more than 18.


When I was on haldol the most I’ve taken was 30mg.


I use to take the pills which were 30mgs a day now I’m on injections so 50mg every other week


Are you less sleepy on the injections vs the pills? Were you sleepy on the pills, I guess is a good question also. Lol


Very sleepy on the pills. I took it three times a day. The worse the injections do is cause minor tiredness the first day


This is amazing news. I can’t take more than 18mg because it makes me so sleepy I’m not safe to take care of myself, let alone my daughter. But I desperately need to be on a higher dose.


Just remember everyone is different. My girlfriend/partner heard from the nurses at her old job when I first started the injections that I would become a zombie.


It’s supposed to be 2 mg in the morning, 1 mg at night, but usually I forget the night dose. I’m on Abilify Maintena, too, so I’m covered on APs.